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Vortex Restaurant Equipment

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    Restaurant Equipment

    Based out of Vancouver, B.C., we are a major Commercial Kitchen Equipment online store that sells Commercial Restaurant Equipment and Restaurant Supplies. With our online store, we offer excellent products competitively priced. You can be assured that you will have fast shipping to anywhere in Canada. We recognize that restaurant owners do not have time to worry about their delivery follow-ups. Our customer service is excellent and professional. We promise on all of our deliveries to be quick and worry free.

    Juicers Vancouver Canada

    Beverage Equipment

    Every meal has its beverage to compliment your service, and no customer wants a something that falls short of expectations. To ensure your beverage service exceeds those expectations, be it hot or cold, the proper Beverage Equipment must be as important a choice as the equipment on which your meal is prepared. Outfit your foodservice establishment with the proper beverage equipment. Vortex Restaurant Equipment offers wide variety of the beverage dispensers, blenders, coffee brewers, espresso machines, grinders and juicers.

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    Gas Connectors Vancouver Canada

    Cooking Equipment

    No matter how you prepare your customers’ food, in Vancouver’s fiercely competitive market, you want it prepared to perfection. You must have superior equipment to stay in the game. We offer well-known, reputable brands at the best prices. From ranges to fryers, from charbroilers to griddles, at Vortex you can be assured we offer the best Commercial Cooking Equipment to meet your needs – whatever they may be. From broilers, charbroilerscommercial range, fryers, griddles, hot plates, speciality equipment, steam cooking, wok range and gas connectors, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has exactly what you need.

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    Conveyor Toasters Vancouver Canada

    Commercial Ovens

    You are in business to serve an outstanding meal to your clientele. They will not come back if your cooking products are sub-par and prepare dry, undercooked, or tasteless food. In addition, once ordered, no one likes to wait and wait for their meal. Promptness and proper preparedness of your food are the cornerstone of your business. Only a top level commercial oven that will do the job efficiently and economically should be acceptable to you. A wide selection exists whether you select from conveyor models to convection, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has the right type of Commercial Ovens for your pizzeria, bakery, cafeteria, and other foodservice operation. Choices include bakery ovens, combi ovens, convection ovens, conveyor ovens, deck ovens, commercial microwave ovens, pizza ovens, rotisserie ovenssmoker ovens, tandoor ovens and commercial toasters.

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    Walk In Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

    Commercial Refrigeration

    Ever had that rotten smell in your kitchen from deteriorating food because your Commercial Refrigeration is not doing its job? Can you imagine the effect on your customers. If you have inadequate refrigeration equipment, the cost in lost customers, not to mention inventory, could be huge. Make sure your equipment is doing its job; come see us at Vortex and put your concerns to rest. With equipment ranging from bar refrigerators, display refrigeration, food prep refrigeration, ice cream equipment, ice machines, merchandisers, reach in refrigeration, speciality refrigeration, undercounter refrigeration and walk in refrigeration, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has exactly what you need.

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    Ventless Exhaust Vancouver Canada

    Exhaust Systems

    Smoke, oil residue, grease, and steam must be properly vented. No one, not your chefs, servers, nor especially your clientele wants these cooking by-products wafting about during their meal. Only with a proper Exhaust Systems can you prevent this. The health and safety of all those in your establishment must be a top priority not to mention the environmental damage an inefficient system would cause. For up-to-code ventilation, choose from a exhaust fans, exhaust hoods and ventless exhaust.

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    Vegetable Prep Vancouver Canada

    Food Preparation Equipment

    As with anything, the key to a perfect end product lies in its preparation. Prep your food with inadequate Food Preparation Equipment, and you are facing an uphill battle to present a meal your customers will appreciate. Whether you are going to slice meat, prepare dough, or blend sauces, the right equipment is mandatory. With proper initial preparation, the remaining steps of obtaining your final product will flow much more smoothly and economically. Vortex Restaurant Equipment has a wide selection from dough prep machines, food processingfood packaging, meat prep machines, mixers, slicersscales and vegetable prep machines.

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    Hot Dog Equipment Vancouver Canada

    Hot Holding Equipment

    Would you be satisfied being served food that had lost its flavour and tasted like it had been on hold for hours? Of course not, so why would your customers? The proper Hot Holding Equipment and Warming Equipment that Vortex can provide will ensure that the food you serve has the same flavour, texture, and presentation at whatever time it is presented to your customers. Once prepared, you want to ensure that your food is kept at the optimal temperature and held there without losing any of its flavour. Vortex Restaurant Equipment offers a large selection of hot holding and warming equipment such as display warmers, food warmers, heat lamps, holding cabinets and hot dog equipment.

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    Other Sinks Vancouver Canada

    Restaurant Sinks & Commercial Dishwashers

    Nothing will spoil a meal more quickly than it being served on less than spotless dishes and flatware. You cannot risk such a catastrophe. To ensure this never happens, you must have the best in Restaurant Sinks & Dishwashers, dish cleaning equipment, pre-rinse, and glasswashers. Vortex Restaurant Equipment can supply all your cleaning needs be they large or small. With Vortex’s many choices, squeaky clean is what you will get. Choose from commercial dishwashers, dish tables, faucets & plumbing, interceptors, pot sinks, hand sinks and mop sinks.

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    Wood Top Tables Vancouver Canada

    Storage and Stainless

    Space is always at a premium in your hectic kitchen. With pots, pans, inserts, and all your other kitchen accessories, your workspace can become crowded very quickly. The proper storage of all items is done most efficiently by our selection of Storage and Stainless shelving, chrome or epoxy racks and of course, no kitchen is complete without the ever-necessary, versatile work table. Let Vortex show you how to best manage your limited space for storage. Choose from wide variety of racks & carts, stainless steel shelving, wire shelving, stainless work tables and wood top tables.

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    Textiles Vancouver Canada


    Often over-looked until you have need of it, the category of smallwares encompasses the must-haves in your kitchen. Whether you need baking supplies, pizza pans and bags, bartending supplies, or food storage inserts, see us at Vortex Restaurant Equipment for those oh-so-important kitchen pieces. Choose from wide variety of baking supplies, bartending supplies, cookware, dinnerwarefood storage, janitorial, kitchen cutlery, kitchen supplies, pizza accessories, serving supplies and textiles.

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    Restaurant Equipment Restaurant Furniture Vancouver Canada

    Restaurant Furniture

    Restaurant Furniture provides many of the basic functions of every dining room in a restaurant, including providing customer seating, eating surfaces, and environmental lighting, which is why it's important to choose furniture with the best style, color, and material to complement the look in your restaurant. Mix and match and choose from our different Restaurant Seating, Restaurant Tables and Commercial Outdoor Furnitures options.

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