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Vortex Restaurant Equipment

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    Hot Holding Equipment

    Would you be satisfied being served food that had lost its flavour and tasted like it had been on hold for hours? Of course not, so why would your customers? The proper Hot Holding Equipment and Warming Equipment that Vortex can provide will ensure that the food you serve has the same flavour, texture, and presentation at whatever time it is presented to your customers. Once prepared, you want to ensure that your food is kept at the optimal temperature and held there without losing any of its flavour. Vortex Restaurant Equipment offers a large selection of hot holding and warming equipment such as display warmers, food warmers, heat lamps, holding cabinets and hot dog equipment.

    Popcorn Poppers Vancouver Canada

    Display Warmers

    You want your product placed in a highly visible location for your customers to instantly see. Countertop display warmers and merchandising equipment meet that need! As a warmer, your product is not only instantly visible, it is hot, fresh, and ready to serve. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Display Warmers including heated display cases, nacho warmers, pizza warmers and popcorn poppers.

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    Soup Kettles Vancouver Canada

    Food Warmers

    Do you utilize a buffet line? If so, you need a hot food well table! Hot food wells will hold and display your food items, so guests can easily serve themselves. Keep premade soups, sides, and other food items at their optimal temperature and ready to eat! Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Food Warmers including bain maries, drawer warmers, heated shelves, hot food tables and soup kettles.

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    Heat Strips Vancouver Canada

    Heat Lamps

    By placing warming lamps over your prepared food or carving station, your cooked items will remain hot and tasty for your customers. There are a number of styles and sizes to accommodate your needs. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Heat Lamps including countertop heat lamps and heat strips.

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    Proofer Cabinets Vancouver Canada

    Holding Cabinets

    Store entrées, pizzas, and other food products at the proper temperature in our hot holding cabinets and carts. Choose from heated banquet carts, meal delivery systems, or cook and hold ovens. These are especially useful for caterers, establishments that have a ‘big run’ at certain times, and bake shops. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Holding Cabinets including banquets, cook & hold ovens, hot holding cabinets and proofers.

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    Hot Dog Steamers Vancouver Canada

    Hot Dog Equipment

    There’s nothing like the smell of warm hot dogs wafting through the air! Whether you have a concession stand, kiosk, or food truck, merchandisers and rollers will draw the customers to you! Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Hot Dog Equipment including hot dog rollers and hot dog steamers.

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