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    Catering Equipment

    Catering is a big business and whether you own a small Catering Company, a large Banquet or you are planning a large events like conference or a concert, we at Vortex Restaurant Equipment make it possible for you with a large selection and variety of Catering Equipment & Catering Supplies. Deliver prepped food from your commercial kitchen to the event location in our selection of holding cabinets. From the cooking and serving supplies, You’ll find everything needed to impress your guests.

    Stock up large selection of Coffee UrnsCoffee BrewersHot Food TableBanquetsCook & Hold OvensHot Holding Cabinets and Food Storage.

    Catering Equipment Supplies Vancouver
    Banquets Vancouver Canada


    Banquet are designed for easy use, convenient mobility, and long-lasting strength, a banquet cart is an excellent addition to any catering or banquet business. These banquet carts are mounted on casters to facilitate easy movement to trucks, storage, and destinations.

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    Combi Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Combi Ovens

    Whether you are cooking, steaming or baking, Combi Ovens are the most versatile pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. By combining three cooking methods in one unit, allowing you to choose between pressureless steam, convected heat, and a combination of both, these innovative ovens can perform a number of cooking processes at once being electric or gas combi ovens. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Combi Ovens including electric combi ovens and gas combi ovens,

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    Cook Hold Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Cook & Hold Ovens

    Designed to cook your most popular dishes and keep them hot until serving, a cook and hold oven is one of the most useful products to add to a busy kitchen. These ovens are designed with single or double-stack profiles to supply the cooking potential that you need, and many models are mounted on casters for easy movement when cleaning your kitchen.

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    Hot Holding Cabinets Vancouver Canada

    Hot Holding Cabinets

    By having a food holding cabinet, you will be able to prepare entrees, sides, appetizers, and dinner rolls in advance before a large dinner rush, so a holding cabinet is an essential piece of equipment for your restaurant, bakery, catering business, or hotel. Choose from insulated and non-insulated hot holding cabinets, both of which will keep cooked foods hot, fresh, and ready until your customers are ready to order.

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    Hot Food Tables Vancouver Canada

    Hot Food Tables

    Hold hot food items for extended periods of time and keep them out of the danger zone with our selection of electric or gas steam tables! Each table comes equipped with a heated well for water to create steam which maintains temperatures. Since these hot food tables can keep foods warm for extended periods of time, they are ideal for buffets, banquets, commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and catered events.

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    Kitchen Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Kitchen Supplies

    For all those ‘bits’ which are so essential to the efficient running of you kitchen, explore our online store. From pastry brushes to tongs to spatulas to whisks, the myriad of kitchen supplies available can be sourced for you through Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

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    Wire Shelving Vancouver Canada

    Wire Shelving

    Whether standing wire shelving or stainless steel wall mounted shelving, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has what you need to get things out of the way but within easy reach. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Wire Shelving including chrome wire shelving and epoxy wire shelving.

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    Walk In Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

    Walk In Refrigeration

    If you need to store large amounts of product – from meat to flowers, then walk-in refrigeration unit is a must! These units store product at their optimal temperatures for weeks at a time. Custom made to your specifications, no requirement is too small or too large. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Walk In Refrigeration including walk in combination refrigeration, walk in freezers and walk in refrigeration.

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