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Vortex Restaurant Equipment

Vancouver Restaurant Equipment & Supply

    Stainless Shelving

    Whether standing stainless steel wall mounted shelving or wire shelving, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has what you need to get things out of the way but within easy reach. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Stainless Steel Shelving including dish racks shelving, microwave shelves, single overshelves, double overshelves and wall mount shelves.

    Stainless Shelving Vancouver Canada

    Dish Rack Shelves

    The dishes and glasses are washed; now they need to dry making glass and dish rack shelves a must-have for any dishwashing station. These products are designed to hold glass and plate racks at a slanted angle, so water and other liquids can properly drain. Mounting on your wall, they offer the added security of being safely stored.

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    Stainless Shelving Vancouver Canada

    Microwave Shelves

    Whether standing wire shelving or stainless steel wall mounted microwave shelving, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has what you need to get things out of the way but within easy reach.

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