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    Commercial Ovens

    You are in business to serve an outstanding meal to your clientele. They will not come back if your cooking products are sub-par and prepare dry, undercooked, or tasteless food. In addition, once ordered, no one likes to wait and wait for their meal. Promptness and proper preparedness of your food are the cornerstone of your business. Only a top level commercial oven that will do the job efficiently and economically should be acceptable to you. A wide selection exists whether you select from conveyor models to convection, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has the right type of Commercial Ovens for your pizzeria, bakery, cafeteria, and other foodservice operation. Choices include bakery ovens, combi ovens, convection ovens, conveyor ovens, deck ovens, commercial microwave ovens, pizza ovens, rotisserie ovenssmoker ovens, tandoor ovens and commercial toasters.

    Gas Bakery Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Bakery Ovens

    Bakery convection ovens offer a great solution to your high-volume baking needs. Some models can quickly preheat in as little as 15 minutes! These bakery convection ovens include a patented cooking system that helps to significantly cut down on pan rotation throughout the baking process, allowing you to reduce energy. A bakery oven is ideal for helping you bake flakey biscuits, golden-brown rolls, delicious cookies, and other goods. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Bakery Ovens including electric bakery ovens and gas bakery ovens.

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    Gas Combi Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Combi Ovens

    Whether you are cooking, steaming or baking, Combi Ovens are the most versatile pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen. By combining three cooking methods in one unit, allowing you to choose between pressureless steam, convected heat, and a combination of both, these innovative ovens can perform a number of cooking processes at once being electric or gas combi ovens. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Combi Ovens including electric combi ovens and gas combi ovens,

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    Gas Convection Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Convection Ovens

    Cook foods consistently and save time with a Commercial Convection Ovens! These ovens have a fan that actively circulates hot air around food in the oven cavity to create a uniform and consistent temperature. This design means far quicker cooking times than in standard radiant ovens. Convection Ovens come either single or double; gas oven or electric oven to best suit your kitchen needs. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Convection Ovens including countertop convection ovens, electric convection ovens and gas convection ovens.

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    Gas Conveyor Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Conveyor Ovens

    If you own a pizzeria or a cafe, consider using a conveyor oven to bake pizza pies or toast sandwiches. Conveyor ovens are designed with a conveyor system that slowly pulls foods through the oven, helping them to cook evenly without over baking. Choose your conveyor oven based on its width, so you can bake any size pizza you need or toast various breads in very little time. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Conveyor Ovens including electric conveyor ovens and gas conveyor ovens.

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    Gas Deck Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Deck Ovens

    A pizza gas deck oven provides your business with the ability to quickly and easily bake pizzas with your most popular toppings. These units will help you cook more pies in less time while using a more compact space. You can find a commercial pizza oven with one, two, or three decks to best suit your business's needs. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Deck Pizza Ovens including electric deck ovens and gas deck ovens.

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    Hi Speed Cooking Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Microwave Ovens

    You use them at home; why not in your restaurant location? Whether you are looking for a medium or heavy duty unit for tasks such as cooking and steaming entrees, Vortex Restaurant Equipment is sure to have the best commercial microwave oven for your kitchen’s food prep needs. You can choose manual controls or digital controls; either way, the commercial microwave oven should be an essential part of your kitchen line. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Microwave Ovens including moderate duty microwave ovens, heavy duty microwave ovens and hi-speed cooking ovens.

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    Gas Rotissarie Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Rotisserie Ovens

    There’s nothing quite like a freshly roasted chicken! Keep a rotisserie oven in your restaurant, grocery store, or concession stand to offer freshly roasted chicken as part of your menu. These ovens come in many sizes to accommodate the volume you wish to cook. If you offer roasted chicken on your menu regularly, try a unit that can hold several dozen chickens at a time. For occasional promotional events at your supermarket, you can use a compact unit that will fit on your deli countertop. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Rotisserie Ovens including electric rotisserie ovens and gas rotisserie ovens.

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    Gas Smoker Ovens Vancouver Canada

    Smoker Ovens

    If you want to serve delicious, smoky barbecue all year round, be sure to check out a commercial electric smokehouse. These units work by heating dampened wood chips, which creates the smoky flavors that we associate with an open fire or grill. These units allow restaurants which specialize in barbecue to stay open all year round, since these smokers can be used indoors.
     Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Smoker Ovens including electric smoker ovens and gas smoker ovens.

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    Gas Tandoor Ovens Vancouver Canada.jpg

    Tandoor Ovens

    Tandoor oven is the one instrument no Indian restaurant can do without. Dishes like naan, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, tandoori lamb, and many vegetarian dishes cannot be made without a tandoor. Traditionally charcoal fired, these tandoors are also available as gas fired. For perfectly prepared, tasty Indian food, you need a Tandoor oven. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Tandoor Ovens including charcoal tandoor ovens and gas tandoor ovens.

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    Pop Up Toasters Vancouver Canada


    A commercial toaster may be just what you need for your small volume bakery or sandwich shop. Whether you need to toast bagels, waffles or other food items, a commercial toaster is the answer. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Toaster Ovens including conveyor ovens and pop-up toaster ovens.

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