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Vortex Restaurant Equipment

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    Order Processing

    Processing Time/Availability

    We electronically receive your online order. Upon receipt, we transmit your order information and request fulfillment from the appropriate warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturer, depending upon the product(s) ordered. Products are packaged for shipping as soon as possible. However, depending upon product availability, some orders can take up to four weeks to deliver. If you are in urgent need of an item, or there is a ‘must have by’ date, please contact Vortex Restaurant Equipment prior to ordering to determine if your deadline can be met.

    Canceling/Modifying an Order

    If you need to cancel or modify an order, you must let Vortex Restaurant Equipment know immediately. Any attempt to cancel or modify an order one or more business days after placing that order may not be possible. If we cannot cancel an order, because it has already been processed, please see our Returns Policy.

    Changing Your Shipping Address

    Please contact Vortex Restaurant Equipment immediately if you need to ship your order to a different address than you indicated at checkout. Once an order ships, there are fees associated with changing the shipping address which would need to be collected before the change can take effect. The cost of changing the shipping address will depend on the shipping method and number of shipments. If an order has already left our warehouse before the shipping address change is made, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive at the new location. If a carrier tries to deliver a shipment and is unsuccessful due to an incorrect address provided by you, your order will be returned to us and treated as a return and will be treated under our Returns Policy as such.

    Customer Protection

    Privacy Policy

    Vortex Restaurant Equipment recognizes that your privacy is very important to you and the protection of your personal information and credit card data is of the utmost importance. We know that providing your personal information to us is an act of trust, and we take that very seriously.

    Be assured, Vortex Restaurant Equipment will not collect or monitor any personal information without your consent. The personal information collected is only to fulfill your order(s), or supply you with requested information.

    Vortex Restaurant Equipment uses ‘cookies’ to make your online shopping experience efficient and effective. The ‘cookies’ do not contain any personal information, are never shared, and are not accessible by employees. The code stored in the ‘cookies’ is used to help you find what you need, and to assist our website in making product recommendations based on your browsing. ‘Cookies’ also customizes our website to recognize you any time you return to Vortex Restaurant Equipment in the future thereby improving your online shopping experience.

    From time to time Vortex Restaurant Equipment may send you relevant information via email regarding sales, products, and services. If you are receiving promotional information from Vortex Restaurant Equipment and do not wish to receive this information, please feel free to use the ‘unsubscribe option’ attached to the email.

    Security Policy

    The protection of your personal information and credit card data is of the utmost importance. Vortex Restaurant Equipment utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to create a secure connection. With an SSL Certificate on our web server, any information sent to our web server is encrypted, making it impossible to intercept or steal.

    The personal information that you provide in order to make a purchase is stored in an electronic format to which only a limited number of individuals can access. At Vortex the only personnel who can view your information are those who process and ship your Order. Our sales team members do not have access to your credit card information. When you enter your credit card information during online checkout, it is immediately encrypted electronically and can only be decrypted or read by an authorized computer such as those at your credit or banking institution.

    Purchasing online with Vortex Restaurant Equipment is safe and secure. Guaranteed.

    Shipping & Handling

    Online Purchases

    For online purchasing, Vortex Restaurant Equipment utilizes UPS Couriers, a well-known and respected delivery company. UPS will deliver your equipment to your door with charges, which reflect the dimensions, weight, and distance to travel of your equipment. This charge can be seen prior to final checkout.

    All shipping charges are calculated based upon the dimensions, weight, and freight class of the item(s), plus the postal code of your shipping destination. Our shipping system communicates electronically with the freight carriers to calculate the shipping costs. Due to their weight, many items may require a power lift gate on the transporting truck. If you choose this option, there is an additional cost.

    We work in conjunction with a local transport company, which can deliver your equipment providing you with a number of options:

    A: Standard Delivery: Delivery is reasonable to expect to your accessible point of receiving such as a loading dock or deliveries’ entrance.

    B: Lift Gate Delivery: The Lift Gate Delivery option provides for consignment of the freight shipment to a vehicle with a power lift gate. The power lift gate allows the driver to lower the freight item(s) from the back of the truck to the ground. This does not include bringing the shipment inside your location.

    Vortex Restaurant Equipment may offer free freight on specific products if indicated as so within the product’s description. If applicable, the free freight applies only to shipping within the 10 provinces across Canada and includes only Standard Delivery.

    In-Person/By Telephone Purchases

    Once you have purchased your equipment, Vortex Restaurant Equipment can arrange for shipping – be it local or long distance. We work in conjunction with a local transport company, which can deliver your equipment providing you with a number of options:

    A: Standard Delivery: Delivery, as close as can be reasonably expected, to your point of receiving.

    B: Inside Delivery: Delivery inside to a designated area. Should delivery to that area have stairs, elevators, or a tightly congested space, there will be an additional charge.

    C: Designated Delivery: Delivery inside to a designated area including unboxing and taking away the packaging.

    D: Delivery with Removal: Inside delivery as well as the removal and environmentally responsible disposal of your unwanted equipment. There is an extra charge for this service.

    Each option has its own very reasonable pricing. Of course, you can always arrange to pick up your equipment from our store at no charge.

    For long distance delivery, that is, outside the GVRD (including out of province), Vortex Restaurant Equipment utilizes a well-established logistics company which will arrange for ‘to your door delivery’ usually within two to three business days.

    Damage Policy

    If any equipment or item(s) of your order are damaged, you may either refuse the delivery or accept the shipment then submit a freight claim to the freight carrier company. Please inspect the delivery prior to signing off with the transporter. Damage noted after such time may not be claimable.

    If the damage found seems minor or cosmetic only, it may be possible to repair or swap out damaged components. You must contact Vortex Restaurant Equipment immediately, as well as telling the driver you may be submitting a freight claim for damages. The transporter will provide instructions for how to submit a freight claim to their company.

    If you are going to accept the shipment and submit a freight claim, you must note any and all damage on the bill of lading or receipt of delivery while the driver is physically present. You must be as specific and complete as possible when writing the description of the damage. You must state if the damage is on the outside of the packaging or if it was on the actual equipment or product(s) that you have unpacked in front of the driver.

    NOTE: It is strongly suggested that you take photos of any and all damage that is found so that you can provide these for the freight carrier’s claim inspector. Do not throw away any of the original packaging or packing material.

    If you find damage on any item after the freight driver has left your location, you will be unable to claim that the item was damaged while in the freight carrier’s possession. Once you have signed for your shipment, any damage now noted on the item(s) are your responsibility.

    You have the option to refuse delivery of the shipment if any package(s) or item(s) are found damaged or if Vortex Restaurant Equipment has shipped incorrect item(s). There is no fee or cost for refusal if the shipment was damaged in transit or if it was an Vortex Restaurant Equipment shipping error. Record the reason for refusal on the Bill of Lading / Receipt of Delivery and return it to the Freight Driver.

    NOTE: If, for any reason, a shipment is placed in storage under your control and is damaged while in storage, you will not be able to submit a claim for damages to the freight company or Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

    You will be responsible for all costs associated with refusing to accept a shipment excepting damage in transit or shipping error. This will include full freight charges and fees for delivery as well as a 25% restocking fee.

    If you refuse a shipment for any reason other than damage or incorrectness of order, please contact Vortex Restaurant Equipment by the end of the next business day.

    Redelivery/Storage Fees

    If, for any reason, you are not able to accept a delivery at a mutually and previously agreed upon delivery time, you will be charged for that delivery, the subsequent re-delivery, and any storage fees which have been applied to the equipment in the interim.

    Return & Exchange


    All returns are subject to Vortex Restaurant Equipment approval. No returns will be accepted and no credit will be issued without advance written authorization from Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

    Returning An Item

    Should you wish to return an item, Vortex Restaurant Equipment will discuss the circumstances of your return request with you. Upon review, Vortex Restaurant Equipment will determine if the item(s) are eligible for return authorization. If deemed so, a written authorization for return will be sent to you by email or regular mail. If you do not receive written authorization for the return, you may not return the item(s). Returned items received by Vortex Restaurant Equipment will not be accepted unless there has been written authorization.

    Authorized returns must be received in unused condition, and item(s) must be in original packaging. Vortex Restaurant Equipment will inspect item(s) to determine if they meet the authorized return parameters. Refunds will be credited to you within 10 business days after receiving the returned item(s).

    For an authorized return, Vortex Restaurant Equipment may pay for the initial and subsequent return shipping, but this must be agreed upon prior to the return shipping.

    All returns due to purchase error on the part of the customer will be charged, in addition to their return shipping cost, a minimum 25% restocking fee, to be deducted from the refund amount.

    Any items returned to Vortex Restaurant Equipment without authorization will not be issued a refund/credit and will be shipped back to you at your expense.

    Any items returned to Vortex Restaurant Equipment that are determined to not meet the criteria for return, will be shipped back to you at your expense and no refund/credit will be issued.


    In certain circumstances, Vortex Restaurant Equipment will accept purchased items for exchange, however prior to returning an item for exchange, authorization from Vortex Restaurant Equipment must be obtained.

    Exchanging An Item

    To exchange an item, prior authorization must be obtained from Vortex Restaurant Equipment before returning it to us.

    An item will only be considered for exchange if:

    • The item is in its original packaging and has remained as unused. This includes removing any product from its original shrink wrapping such as in the case of plumbing equipment.
    • From the time of purchase to the time of an exchange, no more than five (5) business days may elapse.
    • If the exchange is for a more expensive piece of equipment, then a refund will be issued for the exchanged item, and a Sales Order will be made for the new piece of equipment.
    • If the exchange is for a less expensive piece of equipment, then a refund will be issued for the exchanged item, and a Sales Order will be made for the new piece of equipment.