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    Often over-looked until you have need of it, the category of smallwares encompasses the must-haves in your kitchen. Whether you need baking supplies, pizza pans and bags, bartending supplies, or food storage inserts, see us at Vortex Restaurant Equipment for those oh-so-important kitchen pieces. Choose from wide variety of baking supplies, bartending supplies, cookware, dinnerwarefood storage, janitorial, kitchen cutlery, kitchen supplies, pizza accessories, serving supplies and textiles.

    Preparation Utilities Vancouver Canada

    Baking Supplies

    Baking supplies – full and half size pans – food safe containers, cutting boards, mixing bowls, if you need bakeware, then check out our baking smallware section. You’ll be sure to find what you need.

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    Mix Drink Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Bartending Supplies

    If you operate a bar, night club, restaurant, or pub, then you need to check out our bartending supplies. From shakers to speed rails, Vortex Restaurant Equipment can get what you need to keep your staff supplied.

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    Specialty Cookware Vancouver Canada


    Pots, pans, baking sheets, sieves and more; Vortex Restaurant Equipment has the quality commercial cookware you need to have in you kitchen. Keep a good amount on hand, so your staff are not looking for a pot or pan but it is in the dish pit!

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    Ingredient Bins Vancouver Canada

    Food Storage

    Vortex Restaurant Equipment offer food storage bins in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to best suit your storage needs. An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. Keep all your condiments, spices, leftover food stored in food safe containers clearly labelled and within easy reach.

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    Safety Supplies & Equipment Vancouver Canada


    Here at Vortex Restaurant Equipment we offer variety of janitor supplies that range from cleaning chemicals, trash bins, floor cares supplies and all other products that you need to keep every part of your business clean and healthy.

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    Specialty Knives Vancouver Canada

    Kitchen Cutlery

    Every chef or cook on your line depends upon top quality knives and kitchen cutleries to do the job time after time. Vortex Restaurant Equipment carries knives trusted by butchers, fish packing plants, and restauranteurs throughout the world.

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    Thermometers Vancouver Canada

    Kitchen Supplies

    For all those ‘bits’ which are so essential to the efficient running of you kitchen, explore our online store. From pastry brushes to tongs to spatulas to whisks, the myriad of kitchen supplies available can be sourced for you through Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

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    Pizza Utensils Vancouver Canada

    Pizza Accessories

    Do you need pizza bags for your delivery service? How about pans for serving or paddles for removing your pizzas from the oven? Vortex Restaurant Equipment has what you need to compliment your pizza shop with pizza accessories!

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    Servingware & Accessories Vancouver Canada

    Restaurant Dinnerware

    No restaurant is complete without a right dinnerware. Equip your restaurant with selection of dinnerware including chinaware, utensils, glasswares and dinnerware accessories.

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    Trays Vancouver Canada

    Serving Supplies

    Whether you need aprons, uniforms, dishrags or chefs’ hats, Vortex Restaurant Equipment can supply your servers with their ‘tools of the trade’. Our quality restaurant serving supplies will help your servers to make a lasting positive impression on your customers.

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    Towels Napkins Vancouver Canada


    Aprons, uniforms, protective gloves, and cleaning cloth, come to Vortex Restaurant Equipment for those oh so important cleaning supplies. Keep you staff like a pro with large selection of textiles including apparels and aprons.

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