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Vortex Restaurant Equipment

Vancouver Restaurant Equipment & Supply

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    Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to replace that old equipment, Vortex Restaurant Equipment offers best selection in Restaurant Equipment and Supplies at the lowest prices. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find what your looking for. We know your time is valuable so base on your business type, you can choose the latest and greatest variety of Restaurant Supplies to keep your customers happy and your employees working efficiently.

    Asian Restaurant Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Asian Restaurant Equipment

    We carry all the specialized supplies you need to outfit your Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai or Vietnamese Restaurant.

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    Bakery Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Bakery Equipment

    Get your bakery up to speed and bake up success with a variety of baking equipment and bakery supplies.

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    Bar Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

    Bar Supplies

    Stock up our largest selection of bar supplies, you’ll find what you need to operate a successful restaurant or a pub.

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    Buffet Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Buffet Equipment

    Heat, hold, and serve your foods fresh at your buffet with our selection of buffet equipment & buffet supplies.

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    Butcher Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Butcher Supplies

    Prepare steaks, patties, and loins with largest selection and variety of butcher shop equipment & supplies.

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    Cannabis Industry Equipment Vancouver Canada

    Cannabis Equipment

    Choose the right equipment to operate your cannabis establishment and also to keep your customers happy.

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    Catering Equipment Supplies Vancouver

    Catering Equipment

    If you run a catering business, you’ll be impressed by our selection of catering equipment and supplies.

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    Coffee Shop Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Coffee Shop Equipment

    Equip your small local coffee shop in town or a big cafe in city with a large selection of coffee shop equipment and supplies.

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    Concession Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Concession Supplies

    Build you stand with concession equipment needed to help you in prepping, holding, and serving your fresh products.

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    Convenience Store Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Convenience Store

    Set out all grab and go products in your convenience store to keep yours prepared for all get in and get out customers.

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    Deli Grocery Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Deli & Grocery Equipment

    Whether you’re starting up a small deli in your community, or of a well-established grocery, we got you covered.

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    Food Truck Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Food Truck Equipment

    Setup your food truck from smaller footprint cooking equipment to commercial refrigeration at Vortex.

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    Ice Cream Shop Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Ice Cream Shop Supplies

    Offer your customers delicious frozen treats with a selection of ice cream equipment, whether is small or large.

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    Pizza Supplies Equipment Vancouver Canada

    Pizza Supplies

    Outfit your pizzeria with the proper pizza equipment which make the day-to-day tasks more efficient.

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    Sandwich Shop Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Sandwich Shop Equipment

    Browse our varied selection of sandwich shop equipment & supplies to run a successful sandwich shop.

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