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At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, We carry large selection of Deli & Grocery Equipment including the Deli Equipment you need to prepare fresh ingredients, create a salad bar and keep hot foods warm until customers pick up their orders. Choose the right Grocery Equipment to slice, grate and prep efficiently and conveniently, whether you own a small Deli Store, operate a big local Grocery or a chain Super Market.

You may find everything to outfit your Deli & Grocery Store from Refrigerated Deli Case, Sandwich Prep Refrigerators, Merchandisers, Vacuum Packaging MachinesMeat Slicers, Legal For Trade ScalesHeated Display Case and Food Storage.

Deli Grocery Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada
Refrigerated Deli Case Vancouver Canada

Refrigerated Deli Case

These full service straight or curved glass deli cases are perfect for displaying delicious meats, cheeses, salads, sandwiches, and other deli items. These cases feature multiple shelves, so a variety of deli items can be displayed and organized. With interior LED lighting and adjustable shelving, your products are sure to catch the eye of discerning customers!

Choose from variety in design and size of Refrigerated Deli Cases and Deli Refrigerated Coolers.

Sandwich Prep Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

Sandwich Prep Refrigerators

A sandwich table refrigerator combines the advantages of an under counter cooler with chilled inserts above for the storing of a wide range of condiments or salad additions. Starting as small as 27” wide and going up to 72” wide, there is a size to accommodate any demands you have from cold sandwiches to subs. With a cutting board in front, this becomes a one-stop work station for your employees.

Choose from variety of sizes of Sandwich Prep Refrigerators.

Merchandisers Vancouver Canada


A merchandising refrigerator (glass door) is convenience itself for your corner store or grocery shop. With a merchandizer, your customers can see at a glance the many offering you have from drinks to ice cream treats to milk or juice. Coming in one, two, or three door options, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has the size for you!

Choose from the selection of Open Air Merchandisers, Freezer Merchandisers and Refrigerator Merchandisers.


Vacuum Packaging Machines

Are you considering vacuum sealing your herbs, noodles, sauces, even dog food. Vacuum packed products can last three to five times longer than non-packaged foods, helping reduce food spoilage and prolong the freshness! A commercial vacuum packaging machine removes all of the air from your packaging bags and creates a leak-proof seal.

Choose from variety of Vacuum Packing Machines and Vacuum Sealers.

Meat Slicers Vancouver Canada

Commercial Meat Slicers

Keep your deli or sandwich shop stocked with freshly sliced meats and cheeses with these commercial meat slicers. With a variety of models designed for different levels of use, from entry level to premium, we have just the right meat slicer for a slow-paced restaurant or a bustling deli!

 Shop Vortex choices of Automatic Meat Slicers and Manual Meat Slicers.
Heated Display Cases Vancouver Canada

Heated Display Case

For impulse customer appeal, consider a heated display case as an addition to your deli, cafe, coffee shop, bakery, or supermarket. Not only will a heated display case keep your product hot and fresh, but the sight of hot, tasty food will be a great draw to the causal customer. Choose from models of different sizes with varying numbers of shelves to accommodate your low- or high-volume needs.

Choose from different designs and selection of Heated Display Cases.

Food Storage Vancouver Canada

Food Storage

Vortex Restaurant Equipment offer food storage bins in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to best suit your storage needs. An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. Keep all your condiments, spices, leftover food stored in food safe containers clearly labelled and within easy reach.

Choose from different variety and sizes of Food Containers.