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Markham Restaurant Supply

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    Making waves in the Canadian food service industry is something you’ve been dreaming of for years. And, there’s no other location better than Markham, ON to get started. Located a short drive north of downtown Toronto, the city is well-known as the home of some of Ontario’s finest restaurants. So, this is a great place where you can enter the food service industry in Canada’s most populous province with your own restaurant.

    With the latest trends in food and drink, acquiring the best Markham Commercial Kitchen Equipment has become the need of the hour. That’s why partnering with Vortex Restaurant Equipment – a reputable Restaurant Equipment supplier in Markham – is your best bet.

    We endeavour to be a leader in the industry, offering the most competitive prices. Our most exceptional selections of Food Equipment Supplies will furnish your commercial kitchen with everything you need to serve your esteemed guests.

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    Vortex Restaurant Equipment – Our Perfect Commercial Kitchen Equipment is Just What You Need

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    If you’re looking forward to purchasing Restaurant Supplies in Markham, manufactured to the highest standards, look no further than Vortex Restaurant Equipment. For us, our customers and their diverse Restaurant Kitchen Equipment needs are a top priority, and there is nothing we won’t do to help them meet their needs. Our professional and courteous team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying their customers.

    We always work in accordance with our customer’s budget, allowing them to get their hands on the best Commercial Restaurant Equipment they need. We are a one-stop shop where you will get any part of your Markham Commercial Kitchen Equipment needs, such as Commercial Ovens, Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial Dishwasher, Commercial Cooking Equipment, etc.

    Our Restaurant Equipment is a cut above, compared to what our competitors supply. We take great pride in delivering our Restaurant Supplies all across Canada. When you trust Vortex, opening  your own restaurant or upgrading the one you are already proudly own, will be an easy victory.