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Pizza Supplies

We, at Vortex Restaurant Equipment carry a large selection of Pizza Supplies & Equipment from pizza ovens, pizza prep refrigeration to pizza warmers and pizzeria supplies which takes to establish a killer pizza business. Provide your customers with these to-go supplies, so they have everything they need to take pizza slices and orders quickly and conveniently. So it is important to outfit your establishment with quality Pizza Supplies & Equipment.

Shop Vortex quality Pizzeria Supplies such as Conveyor Ovens, Deck Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Pizza Prep Refrigeration, Dough Prep Machines, Commercial Mixers, Vegetable Prep Machines, Meat Slicers, Pizza Warmers, Proofer Cabinets and Pizza Accessories.

Pizza Supplies Equipment Vancouver Canada
Conveyor Ovens Vancouver Canada

Conveyor Pizza

Cook foods consistently and save time with a commercial convection oven! These ovens have a fan that actively circulates hot air around food in the oven cavity to create a uniform and consistent temperature. This design means far quicker cooking times than in standard radiant ovens. Convection ovens come either single or double; gas or electric to best suit your kitchen needs.

Choose from variety of sizes of Electric Conveyor Ovens & Gas Conveyor Ovens.

Deck Ovens Vancouver Canada

Deck Ovens

A pizza gas deck oven provides your business with the ability to quickly and easily bake pizzas with your most popular toppings. These units will help you cook more pies in less time while using a more compact space. You can find a commercial pizza oven with one, two, or three decks to best suit your business’s needs.

Choose from variety of Electric Deck OvensGas Deck Ovens and Pizza Deck Ovens.

Pizza Prep Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

Pizza Prep Refrigerators

Making pizza? You then need a refrigerated pizza prep table! With an extra-large cutting board in front, up to eighteen refrigerated inserts on top, and a cooler below, your staff can be at work making your pizzas at just one work station.

Shop Vortex high quality Pizza Prep Refrigerators.

Dough Prep Vancouver Canada

Dough Prep Machines

Rolling pins are nostalgic but impractical in today’s busy kitchen. Prepare your dough with our dough sheeters and dough presses. These sheeters and presses make quick work of your dough preparation.

Choose from variety of Dough Press, Dough Roller Sheeter and Specialty Dough Machines.

Mixers Vancouver Canada

Commercial Mixers

The mixing of dough and batter is made much easier with a planetary or spiral mixer. Choose a planetary Mixers for light bread dough or batter or choose a spiral Mixers for heavier dough for pizza or artisan breads. Both come in a variety of capacities.

Choose from Variety of Planetary Mixers and Spiral Mixers.

Vegetable Prep Machines Vancouver Canada

Vegetable Prep Machines

Dice, chop, grate, slice….why tie up your staff’s valuable time doing these tasks by hand when a vegetable prep machine will prepare all of your ingredients quickly and efficiently! We carry all types of models, from light-duty models for the occasional grating task, or heavy-duty processors for making sausage or chopping potatoes.

Choose from selection of sizes and capacities of Vegetable Prep Machines.

Meat Slicers Vancouver Canada

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Keep your deli or sandwich shop stocked with freshly sliced meats and cheeses with these commercial meat slicers. With a variety of models designed for different levels of use, from entry level to premium, we have just the right meat slicer for a slow-paced restaurant or a bustling deli!

 Shop Vortex choices of Automatic Meat Slicers and Manual Meat Slicers.
Pizza Warmers Vancouver Canada

Pizza Warmers

A pizza warmer is the perfect addition to your concession stand, convenience store, snack shack, or buffet. By using a pizza merchandiser, you will not only keep pizzas hot warm, but you will also increase impulse sales since guests will be able to see and smell your tantalizing product! The selections include cabinets with differing numbers of tiers, so you can set out multiple pizza flavors and styles.

With large selection of Pizza Warmers, we have got you covered.

Proofer Cabinets Vancouver Canada

Proofer Cabinets

An absolute necessity in every bakery and pizzeria, proofing cabinets ensure your dough rises properly. These cabinets regulate temperature and humidity, so you can create the perfect conditions for your dough recipes. An added feature is that these units can double as holding cabinets keeping your freshly cooked confections hot until meal service.

Choose from variety of Proofer Cabinets.

Pizza Accessories Vancouver Canada

Pizza Accessories

Do you need pizza bags for your delivery service? How about pans for serving or paddles for removing your pizzas from the oven? Vortex Restaurant Equipment has what you need to compliment your pizza shop!

Choose from variety of sizes of Pizza Pans.