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    Food Truck Equipment

    Food Truck is a mobile fast food, which can be an alternative to the traditional fast foods and take outs establishments. With variety of Food Truck Equipment & Supplies, We at Vortex Restaurant Equipment make sure to have you covered for all equipment from energy-efficient to fixtures that make every inch of real estate count and tools to get you moving. Whether you own a caterer Food Truck or serving a pot in a popular city, set up a serving window for customers with help from Vortex.

    Choose Vortex selection of  Food Truck Equipment including CharbroilersCommercial RangeFryersGriddlesHot PlatesSandwich Prep RefrigeratorsUndercounter Refrigeration, Bain Maries and Food Storage.

    Food Truck Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada
    Bain Maries Vancouver Canada

    Bain Maries

    A great option for concession stands, self-serve stations, and buffet lines, a food warmer, also called a Bain Marie, will help keep contents at a desirable serving temperature through the entirety of your event. Designed for use on your countertops, each food warmer is compact and space efficient. These units can accept differing sized steam pans so that you are not locked into just one size.

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    Charbroilers Vancouver Canada


    Broil meat and seafood to perfection with our selection of Charbroilers. Add a smoky flavor to all your protein options, and create those visually appealing grill marks! Being radiant chrbroiler, lava rock or infrared, we have the right Charbroiler for you. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Chrbroilers including electric charbroilers, lava rock charbroilers, radiant charbroilers.

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    Gas Range Vancouver Canada

    Gas Range

    In need of a new addition to your cooking line? How about a new gas range with a griddle added on? A commercial gas range with a griddle allows you to flip hamburgers, cook chicken, and eggs. You can even choose to have the standard oven replaced with a convection oven. Our commercial gas ranges with griddles are equipped with polished steel raised cooking surfaces, to handle the demands of your restaurant.

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    Gas Fryers Vancouver Canada

    Gas Fryers

    A commercial gas deep fryer is perfect for any high-volume diner, cafeteria, or quick service restaurant. Floor fryers allow you to continuously prepare onion rings, french fries, chicken wings, and other fried foods. Some can be configured to have multiple fry pots, allowing you to simultaneously cook multiple foods at different temperatures without flavor transfer.

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    Hot Plates Vancouver Canada

    Hot Plates

    Don’t have room for a full size range but want the burners? The answer is a countertop hotplate – just place these units on the counters or equipment stands in your concession stand, food truck, or kitchen. gas, electric, or induction ranges – choose the one that suits you best. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Hot Plates including electric hot plates, gas hot plates and induction cookers.

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    Kitchen Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Kitchen Supplies

    For all those ‘bits’ which are so essential to the efficient running of you kitchen, explore our online store. From pastry brushes to tongs to spatulas to whisks, the myriad of kitchen supplies available can be sourced for you through Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

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    Merchandisers Vancouver Canada


    A merchandising refrigerator (glass door) is convenience itself for your corner store or grocery shop. With a merchandizer, your customers can see at a glance the many offering you have from drinks to ice cream treats to milk or juice. Coming in one, two, or three door options, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has the size for you! Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Merchandisers including open air merchandiser, freezer merchandisers, refrigerator merchandisers and produce case.

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    Sandwich Prep Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

    Sandwich Prep Refrigerators

    sandwich prep refrigerator combines the advantages of an under counter cooler with chilled inserts above for the storing of a wide range of condiments or salad additions. Starting as small as 27” wide and going up to 72” wide, there is a size to accommodate any demands you have from cold sandwiches to subs.

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    Undercounter Refrigeration Vancouver Canada

    Undercounter Refrigeration

    If you haven’t the room for a vertical refrigerator and would like the convenience of a stainless steel work top, then consider a commercial under counter refrigerator as your space-saving solution! An under counter cooler is ideal for use at your snack bar, concession stand, pizzeria, sandwich shop, restaurant kitchen, or bar where space is always at a premium. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Undercounter Refrigeration including chef base refrigeration, undercounter freezers, undercounter refrigeration and work top refrigeration.

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