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    Concession Supplies

    Concession is a big business and whether you’re setting up a stand at a carnival, or you operate one at a sports or event stadium, we’re sure to have everything you need to maintain speedy service. We at Vortex Restaurant Equipment make it possible for you with a large selection and variety of Concession Supplies & Equipment. With these great addition to your business, Concession Supplies allows you to serve up some low-cost foods with high profit to your customers.

    Make extra revenue on items like Cold Beverage DispensersSlushy MachinesJuicersHot Dog EquipmentIce Cream FreezersPizza WarmersPopcorn PoppersSoup Kettles and Kitchen Supplies.

    Concession Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada
    Cold Beverage Dispensers Vancouver Canada

    Cold Beverage Dispensers

    Nothing hits the spot on a hot day like an ice cold beverage served in a timely fashion from a reliable dispenser. Ice tea, lemonade, slushy, or mixed drinks served at just the right degree of coldness are what your customers demand. There are a wide variety from single cold beverage dispensing machines to ones which hold multiple beverages.

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    Hot Dog Equipment Vancouver Canada

    Hot Dog Equipment

    There’s nothing like the smell of warm hot dogs wafting through the air! Whether you have a concession stand, kiosk, or food truck, merchandisers and rollers will draw the customers to you! Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Hot Dog Equipment including hot dog rollers and hot dog steamers.

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    Ice Cream Freezer Equipment Vancouver Canada

    Ice Cream Freezers

    Ice cream display freezers are designed to keep hand-dipped ice cream style treats at their desired serving temperature. These merchandisers come with baskets for efficient organization of different treats. With their see-through top sliding doors, customers will be able to peruse your offerings without the constant opening and closing which can quickly reduce the temperature.

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    Juicers Vancouver Canada


    Today’s clientele is demanding. Fresh products; healthy products; be sure you have a commercial juicer at your establishment, and your customers will be well satisfied. You will be able to offer fresh juice from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables be it at your food truck, juice bar, or restaurant. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Juicers including centrifugal juicers, citrus juicers and masticating juicers.

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    Kitchen Supplies Vancouver Canada

    Kitchen Supplies

    For all those ‘bits’ which are so essential to the efficient running of you kitchen, explore our online store. From pastry brushes to tongs to spatulas to whisks, the myriad of kitchen supplies available can be sourced for you through Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

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    Nacho Warmers Vancouver Canada

    Nacho Warmers

    Increase the appeal of cheesy chips at your concession stand with a countertop nacho chip warmer! These warmers make it easy to serve snacks at your movie theatre, sports stadium, or concession stand, and they hold crunchy nachos at the perfect serving temperature.

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    Pizza Warmers Vancouver Canada

    Pizza Warmers

    A pizza warmer is the perfect addition to your concession stand, convenience store, snack shack, or buffet. By using a pizza merchandiser, you will not only keep pizzas hot warm, but you will also increase impulse sales since guests will be able to see and smell your tantalizing product! The selections include cabinets with differing numbers of tiers, so you can set out multiple pizza flavors and styles.

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    Popcorn Poppers Vancouver Canada

    Popcorn Poppers

    A countertop popcorn popper provides a quick and easy way to cook large volumes of popcorn for hungry guests at your concession stand or fundraising event. These machines all feature glass panels that allow you to show off this ever-popular snack. Countertop popcorn machines are also built with durable metal frames that are sure to withstand long-term use in your commercial situation.

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    Slushy Machines Vancouver Canada

    Slushy Machines

    The commercial slushy machine has become a part of Canadian culture. Its versatility, ease of use, high economic return and convenience have placed it in hotels, restaurants, corner markets, and gas stations. These granite machines can mix, serve, and hold your product at just the right degree of freezing so as to quench the thirst of your most demanding customers.

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    Soup Kettles Vancouver Canada

    Soup Kettles

    Soup kettles are great hot holding equipment which help keep contents at a desirable serving temperature through the entirety of your event. Designed for use on your countertops, each soup kettle is compact and space efficient. Use soup kettles to keep freshly cooked soup at a safe temperature.

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