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Stock up your Convenience Shop with the large selection of Convenience Store Equipment & Supplies including hot foods, beverages, snacks and treats. Whether customers are stopping in your Convenience Store for an easy grab and go snack, or they’re making routine purchases of your convenient to serve hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, fresh sandwiches and ice cream while they’re shopping, you will find all necessary Convenience Store Equipment you need to fulfill your demands.

Shop variety of Vortex Convenience Store Supplies including Slushy Machines, Automatic Coffee BrewersIce Cream FreezersOpen Air Merchandisers, Heated Display Case, Hot Dog Equipment and Janitorial Supplies.

Convenience Store Equipment Supplies Vancouver Canada
Slushy Machines Vancouver Canada

Slushy Machines

The commercial slushy machine has become a part of Canadian culture. Its versatility, ease of use, high economic return and convenience have placed it in hotels, restaurants, corner markets, and gas stations. These granite machines can mix, serve, and hold your product at just the right degree of freezing so as to quench the thirst of your most demanding customers.

Choose from selection of Slushy Machines whether is two or three bowls.

Automatic Coffee Brewers Vancouver Canada

Automatic Coffee Brewers

An automatic coffee brewer saves you time and therefore money. With an automatic coffee brewer hooked up directly to a water line, you never have to remember to fill it again. Always full; always fresh; in multiple configurations, these brewers offer your customers coffee on demand – no waiting for a pot to finish brewing.

Choose from large selection of Automatic Coffee Brewers.

Ice Cream Freezer Equipment Vancouver Canada

Ice Cream Freezers

Ice cream display freezers are designed to keep hand-dipped ice cream style treats at their desired serving temperature. These merchandisers come with baskets for efficient organization of different treats. With their see-through top sliding doors, customers will be able to peruse your offerings without the constant opening and closing which can quickly reduce the temperature.

Choose from different capacity Ice Cream Freezers and Novelty Freezers.

Open Air Merchandisers Vancouver Canada

Open Air Merchandisers

To showcase your delicious pre-packaged salads, sandwiches, desserts, and beverages, a horizontal air curtain merchandiser is for you! With a fan that blows a steady stream of air across the length of the opening, keeping cool air in and warmer air away from your food, these units can have a strong influence on your customers’ impulse buy!

Choose from different designs of Open Air Merchandisers.

Freezer Merchandisers Vancouver Canada

Freezer Merchandisers

Make sure on those hot, summer days you are able to offer your customers something to grab their attention and quench their desire. A glass door freezer will do just that as the ice cream treats call out to them! Single glass door freezers give your customers the full view of every product you have.

Choose top quality brands from variety of Freezer Merchandisers.

Refrigerator Merchandisers Vancouver Canada

Refrigerator Merchandisers

Want to influence your grab and go customer as they come in to pay for gas or to purchase some other product? A single door merchandiser will show off all your convenience store drinks and to-go items! Your customers can easily grab their favorite products without a second thought!

Shop Vortex large selection of Refrigerator Merchandisers.

Heated Display Cases Vancouver Canada

Heated Display Case

For impulse customer appeal, consider a heated display case as an addition to your deli, cafe, coffee shop, bakery, or supermarket. Not only will a heated display case keep your product hot and fresh, but the sight of hot, tasty food will be a great draw to the causal customer. Choose from models of different sizes with varying numbers of shelves to accommodate your low- or high-volume needs.

Choose from different designs and selection of Heated Display Cases.

Janitorial Vancouver Canada

Janitorial Supplies

Here at Vortex Restaurant Equipment we offer variety of janitor supplies that range from cleaning chemicals, trash bins, floor cares supplies and all other products that you need to keep every part of your business clean and healthy.

Choose from variety of Trash Bins.