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Carter Hoffman BB120 120 Plates Banquet Cabinet

Carter Hoffman BB120 120 Plates Banquet Cabinet

$ 6,460.00

SKU: BB120

With capacities ranging from 40 meals to 200, Classic Carters are perfect for any operation, large or small. The “X” Series will hold plates up to 12″ (305 mm) in diameter and the “XX” Series will hold plates up to 12-3/4″ in diameter.


Rent Try Buy: $83.48 / week

Lease: $299.74 / month



  • Construction – Completely welded double wall cabinet construction with outer cabinet formed and welded to base.
  • All seams turned in to eliminate raw edges.
  • Cabinet Material – All stainless steel construction; 20 gauge polished exterior and 24 gauge interior.
  • Base Frame – 12 gauge stainless steel full depth bolsters with 1”x1” stainless steel perimeter channel supports.
  • Casters – 6” diameter, industrial grade polyurethane casters. Two swivel and two rigid. Sealed roller axle bearing and double ball bearing swivel. Plate mounted and bolted to base in offset “wheel ahead” pattern. Two casters fitted with brakes.
  • Bumper – Non-marking gray vinyl bumper set in heavy duty 3/16” extruded aluminum frame with reinforced corner “cut-outs.”
  • Insulation – 1” thick high density continuous wrap-around type fiberglass insulation with 1 1/2” thickness on top.
  • Gasket – High temperature silicone gasket.
  • Doors – Welded double stainless steel door. Filled with 1” thick fiberglass insulation. BB200D features Dutch doors.
  • Hinges – Concealed, stainless steel hinge with 5/16” pin.
  • Push Handles – Two horizontal full width stainless steel tubular push handles with back-up plates. Mounted to each end of the cabinet.
  • Latches – Flush mounted, heavy-duty sliding latch(es) with exclusive grip handle.
  • Shelves – Welded, duplex nickel-plated removable wire shelves.
  • Thermometer – Dial type with remote sensing bulb and sensing bulb protector. Mounted to door.
  • Heating System – Bottom mounted heater. Stainless steel construction. Removable without tools. 1600 watt inconel-sheathed heating element. High impedance protected, internally cooled fan motor. Full range thermostat and power indicating light.
  • Electrical Characteristics – Operates on 120 volts, 60 cycle, single phase, 1650 watts, 13.7 amps. Ten foot rubber cord with 3 paring grounding plug. NEMA 5-15P plug.
  • Performance – Capable of heating to 200O F (94O C). Preheat to 160O F (71O C) in approximately 20 minutes.

Additional information

Weight 410 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 31 × 65 in


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