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    Food Packaging

    Do you package your herbs? How about your noodles? Perhaps organic dog food is your business. If so, you should consider our selection of vacuum packaging sealers. These will preserve your fine product for a long time maintaining freshness and flavour! Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Food Packaging Machines including impulse sealers and vacuum packaging machines.

    Food Packaging Vancouver Canada

    Impulse Sealers

    Ideal for retail, produce  and grocery stores. Our selection of bag impulse sealers will help you keep your bags sealed tight and safe, so no more spill worry.

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    Food Packaging Vancouver Canada

    Vacuum Packaging Machines

    Are you considering vacuum sealing your herbs, noodles, sauces, even dog food. Vacuum packed products can last three to five times longer than non-packaged foods, helping reduce food spoilage and prolong the freshness! A commercial vacuum packaging machine removes all of the air from your packaging bags and creates a leak-proof seal.

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