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At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, we understand how important it is to have reliable, good quality commercial cooking equipment. We offer well-known, reputable brands at the best prices. No matter how you prepare your customers’ food, You must have superior equipment to stay in the game.

From broilerscharbroilerscommercial rangefryersgriddleshot platesspeciality cooking equipment, steam cooking, wok range and gas connectors, Vortex Restaurant Equipment has exactly what you need.

Broilers Vancouver Canada


There’s nothing quite like the aroma and flavour of meat cooked on a broiler. Whether you have a steakhouse, burger bar, or a donair shop our selection of broilers will make cooking meat, or broiling virtually any food item quick and easy.

Charbroilers Vancouver Canada


Broil meat and seafood to perfection with our selection of Charbroilers. Add a smoky flavor to all your protein options, and create those visually appealing grill marks! Being radiant chrbroilerlava rock or infrared, we have the right Charbroiler for you.

Comercial Range Vancouver Canada


Whether you are sautéing, broiling, or baking we have a wide selection of Commercial Range to meet all of your cooking needs. With variety of configurations and sizes, from countertop to heavy duty ranges, we will have just what you need.

Fryers Vancouver Canada


Commercial Fryers are perfect for making your most popular fried food menu items. Choose from gas or electric, and floor or countertop deep fat fryer depending – whichever best suits your operation or fit in best in your concept.

Griddles Vancouver Canada


Everyone loves burgers, bacon or pancakes! To bring in more customers and keep them coming back a commercial griddles gas or electric should be an integral part of your cooking line in your commercial kitchen, restaurant or hotel.

Hot Plates Vancouver Canada

Hot Plates

Don’t have room for a full size range but want the burners? The answer is a countertop hotplate – just place these units on the counters or equipment stands in your concession stand, food truck, or kitchen. gas, electric, or induction ranges.

Specialty Cooking Equipment Vancouver Canada


Whether a panini grills, pasta cookers or a sous vide circulators Vortex Restaurant Equipment has an extensive selection of specialty cooking equipment for your diner, coffee cream shop, or specialty restaurant.

Steamers Vancouver Canada


Steam cooking provides thorough and quick food preparation! Consider steaming your vegetables, seafood or other products choosing from our large selection and verity of steam cooking equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Wok Range Vancouver Canada

Wok Range

Wok ranges are essential to preparing top quality Mandarin or Cantonese style food. Woks are used in a range of different Chinese cooking techniques, including stir frying, pan frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, making soup and roasting nuts.

Gas Connectors Vancouver Canada

Gas Connectors

Vortex Restaurant Equipment offers gas hoses and connectors for all your gas appliances. There are varying types of gas connection fittings such as swivel or fixed as well as those with an emergency shut-off valve.

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