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Commercial Ventilation

Commercial Ventilation

    Commercial Ventilation

    As you are well aware, your fabulous restaurant prepares great food in a clean, safe environment. However, you must also be aware how important it is to properly exhaust your smoke, steam, heat, and odors for both health and safety reasons in creating a clean air environment for your patrons and staff.

    Commercial Ventilation / Exhaust Systems

    At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, we have been building and supplying Commercial Ventilation and stainless steel Exhaust Canopies that not only meet Canadian Standards but also create an optimum working environment. We design, build, and install canopies, exhaust hoods and for every commercial kitchen and situation including (but not limited to) commercial range, charbroilers, fryers, commercial ovens, and even commercial dishwashers throughout the GVRD and beyond. We work on a daily basis with shop-fitters, commercial kitchen designers, engineers and restaurant proprietors to come up with the best exhaust canopy solution no matter what your exhaust canopy needs.

    Exhaust Hoods

    Vortex Restaurant Equipment will guide you through the procedures for installing your commercial ventilation system. All the hood and duct work is custom made, meeting the health and fire regulations for your kitchen while at the same time meeting the physical limitations of your space. After being provided with the specific measurements determined by mechanical engineered drawings (which Vortex Restaurant Equipment can arrange if you so choose), Vortex Restaurant Equipment will provide you a quote for your system. Once agreed upon, a schedule will be put in place for installation.  We will discuss the steps before work begins, so you will know what will happen and when.

    Vortex Restaurant Equipment Complete Venting Installation Includes the Following

    • An engineer’s mechanical drawings for your kitchen exhaust
    • Supply and installation of stainless kitchen exhaust hood complete with baffle type grease filters and grease box
    • Supply and installation of all required 16 gauge welded exhaust ductwork complete with cleaning opening from the hood to a fan on the roof
    • Supply and installation of a restaurant model exhaust fan complete with motor, pulleys, and belt
    • Supply and installation of a fresh air fan (Make Up Air) complete with motor , pullies , and belt
    • Supply and installation of a fresh air ductwork
    • Supply and installation with a choice of and electric duct heater, a gas duct furnace, or a gas fresh air unit
    • Supply and installation of a fire protection system

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