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Commercial Kitchen Design

    Commercial Kitchen Design

    A commercial kitchen is the nerve center of the food service industry, and a professional design is the foundation of any kitchen project. Space and organization, law and regulation, budget and cost all play a huge role when designing a commercial kitchen.

    Complete Layout Design & Restaurant Remodelling

    Vortex provides customers with everything from consultations to construction & design layouts. Our objective is to ensure that the design of your commercial kitchen incorporates your best practices. Our kitchen design process always includes various equipment options which are most suitable to your project, with maximizing productivity great knowledge,  experience and scale of growth in mind.

    Engineering Assessment Vancouver

    Engineering Assessment

    Our team has proven expertise to provide the best solution based on Clients’ needs, requirements and attitude. We take into consideration the uniqueness of your business as well as your individual style in order to create an exceptional result for your project. During this process, Vortex Restaurant Equipment will collect all information by learning about your business and what your expectations and goals are.

    Architectural & Mechanical

    Architecture is critical to success – It turns a scribble to a well-thought out plan to achieve. Moreover, it gives the project eligibility to be evaluated by relative departments. After consulting, our mechanical engineer will set up an on-site visit at your commercial kitchen and review the blueprint based on reality, which then assess all the aspect’s such as Electrical, Fire, Plumbing, etc.

    Architectural Mechanical Drawing Vancouver

    Restaurant Contruction Bylaw Zoning Vancouver BC

    Zoning & Bylaw Review

    After the architectural progress, we need to submit the drawing to city hall in order for approval. This will be based on the regulation of the city you are in which, can be different. Since cities formulate bylaw independently and modify them constantly, for arching the best result, it is necessary to review the zoning and bylaw by speaking to one of our specialists or city personnels and engineers.

    Permit Submission

    It is important that your project complies with all by laws and regulations to meet safety, livability, accessibility, and sustainability requirements. Now we’re allowed to move onto the construction phase of the project given the agreement of required permits and all other relevant documents have been settled and approved. †his will be a last stage to start your project construction.

    Construction Building Permit Vancouver