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    Slushy Machine Maintenance

    27 May, 2022

    Slushy Machine Maintenance

    This article is intended to teach you the proper monthly maintenance of your Slushy machine. Keeping your machine cleaned and well-maintained will help you sell more products and minimizing the chances of major repairs required in the future. Let’s go through a simple step-by-step process you should follow on a monthly basis to keep your Slush machine clean and in working order.

    • To complete this process you’ll need the following items
    • A health-code approved 3 bowl sink
    • Warm water
    • Food grade sanitizer
    • Frazzle mixing jugs
    • Clean wash towel and paper towels

    Step 1: Draining the machine

    Drain the machine by turning the ice chill button to off. In most slush machines this button can be found below the display screen.

    Note: Each side operates independently of each other.

    Drain the product out of the slush machine making sure the machine is completely empty.


    Now, use lukewarm water to rinse the remaining product out of the hopper. Once the hoppers are empty turn the auger to the off position.

    Step 2: Remove the handles


    To remove the handles, grab one side of the handle firmly and pull, this will disconnect one side. Repeat for the other side

    Step 3: Remove the Hopper, Auger, and Drip tray

    Remove the product sensor, press the hopper lock on the bottom left side of each hopper lift slightly and pull towards you to remove the hopper.

    Remove the auger from the cooling drum. Remove the hopper seals from the flange on the back of the cooling drums.

    Remove the drip tray by sliding it back from the machine

    Step 4: Cleaning the machine

    • Slide the faucet straight up, removing it from the hopper.
    • Remove the spring and the faucet seal from the back of the faucet.
    • Remove the auger nose bushing from inside of the front of the hopper.
    • Place the faucet, spring, nose bushing, handle, drip tray. auger, hopper and seals inside the sink with warm water.

    The process is to wash, rinse, and sanitize. Do not scrub the hopper with an abrasive brush. This may scratch the hoppers. Instead wash the hoppers with lukewarm water, dish detergent, and food-grade non-abrasive disinfecting wipes. You may also choose to use a terry cloth towel.

    Next, clean the auger, drip tray, handle, faucet, spring, nose bushing, and seals being careful to remove products that may be stuck to these parts.

    Run the light lid under warm water and rub with a cloth to remove excess product

    Note: while the lights are water-resistant you should avoid completely submerging them

    Allow all parts to air dry. Using food-grade sanitizer spray the cylinder’s upper drip tray and wipe clean. You can also wash the back motor housings in the front of the machine with sanitizer.

    Step 5: Cleaning the AUGER MOTOR

    To clean it you just get a sanitizing liquid or a citrus wipe. Starting with the back, make sure that the back surface of the seal sits on is very clean you may need to work it in around the little square bits here and there. Clean it all the way around just making sure you get your residue off with possibly antibacterial liquid. Wipe the grease from the front and make sure it doesn’t smear it everywhere.

    Grab a clean chuck dipped in warm water to clean, this is to wipe the citrus (anti-bacterial liquid) and residue of the wipe.

    Lastly use a micro-fiber cloth, this will wipe all the leftover droplets along and will also give the hopper, that satisfactory shine.

    Step 6: Cleaning filter

    A dirty filter is the number one problem with Slushy machines. The filter is the entire rear of the machine. You can remove the filter by pulling down out and up using the two tabs on the filter. Remember, even the machine has to breathe, wash the filter under hot water until the water runs clear, then replace the filter by placing the bottom and the track and snapping back into place.

    Note: The filter should be cleaned every 15 days

    Step 7: Reassemble the auger, hopper, and drip tray

    Replace the hopper seals on the flange on the back of the cylinder.

    Start with the flat part of the seal towards the machine from the bottom work your way around the flange until the seals snug against the back of the cylinder. This is the most important piece of the machine as it keeps all the products inside the hopper.

    Replace the auger and turn until the auger clips into the slotted part of the machine shaft. Once in place, you will not be able to turn the auger with your hand. Replace the auger then push down on the cylinder to level the barrel. This will prevent “take-seal leaks” by keeping pressure on the top portion of the seal. Replace the auger nose bushing inside of the front of the hopper.

    Slide the hopper and push back until the hopper drops into place and locks. Ensure you haven’t pinched the hopper seal. A pinch seal will cause the product to leak outside of the hopper.

    Step 8: Attaching handles and faucets

    First, inspect the seal for any creases or damage. If the seal is intact carefully replace the faucet seal and spring inside the faucet. The seal is designed to fit only one direction, slide the faucet into place on the hopper.

    Replace the handles by hooking the post on the hopper. Push on the handle to ensure you’ve assembled the faucet correctly. Use your hand to ensure the seal is still in place.

    Step 9: Place product into the machine

    Remove the product from the refrigerator or cooler and pour carefully into the slushy machine. Mix enough product to ensure the machine is filled to the max fill line.

    Check to ensure the product is not leaking from the drip tray, backside, or bottom of the machine. If you see the product leaking, drain the product and replace the tank seal. Replace the product sensor. Replace the light lids and plug them in. Replace the drip tray.

    Step 10: Turning the machine on

    Turn the machine on. Push the snowflake button on both, the right and left sides until the screen says “ICE” in the capital letters. This should turn on the augers as well but if not press the auger button until the auger starts to spin. The screen will say auger on. Hold the ultra button for 4 seconds to reset the filter needs cleaning message. This will appear every 30 days span after reset. Check for leaks one more time to ensure the product is not leaking from the machine.

    Note: The machine should be clean once every month and filters twice per month.

    We also recommend you change your tank and faucet seals at least once every six months.