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    Buying Guide Commercial Mixers Vancouver

    18 Jun, 2016

    Buying Guide | Commercial Mixer

    Commercial Mixer is one of the necessary and essential pieces of equipment in every bakery, pizzeria or restaurant. So, to help better selecting your perfect mixer, there are vital information you need to know such as mixer types, sizes and mixer attachments. Ultimately you want to make sure you make the right decision long term and that, the mixer you choose will help make your business’s daily operation a success.

    At, Vortex Restaurant Equipment we offer a selection of  quality counter top and floor mixers.

    Mixer Types

    Planetary Mixer

    Planetary Mixers are what you need anytime you are mixing batter or light dough for use in your bakery, catering business and restaurant. This type of mixer features a fixed, non-rotating bowl. The bowl is latched onto the base of the machine and can be raised into the mixing position. A great advantage of this mixer type is the availability of different attachments that can be used when mixing. These mixers come in both countertop and floor model.Planetary-Mixers-Vancouver-CanadaSpiral Mixer 

    Spiral Mixers  are the essential piece of equipment if your bakery or pizzeria is preparing any amount of heavy dough, such as artisan bread dough or pizza dough on a daily basis. This mixer features fixed spiral beater, around which the bowl rotates. It is generally more precise than the planetary mixer and doesn’t require bowl changes for smaller batches.


    Vertical Cutter Mixer

    Vertical Cutter Mixers are industrial-sized versions of a food processor with a large covered mixing bowl, a high horsepower motor and the cutter which allows the processing of large volume of meat, vegetables, and smooth textured mousses, and kneading, chopping, emulsifying and of course, mixing.


    Mixer Size

    The most important fact on choosing a mixer is to choose the right size. The size of the mixer can be determined by a size of its bowl and is measured by how many quarts the bowl can hold. Essentially, there are two types of mixers base on the bowl sizes. Countertop mixers range from 5Qt – 20Qt and is used for the smaller volume application while floor mixers can accommodate higher loads range from 30Qt-100QT and is designed to sit on the floor. These mixers are used for a larger application such as pizzerias and large bakeries.

    Mixer Speed

    All mixers feature different operating speeds which can be known through mixer’s operation manual. Mixing products can be much better by following the certain speeds. One of the most important fact about your mixer speed is whether or not you can change the speed during the operation. So before purchasing, make sure you choose the right mixer for your needs.


    Larger mixers are made with a higher horsepower motor than smaller models. Normally, the higher the horsepower the better the mixer, which suited to handle thicker, stiffer dough.

    Mixer Attachments

    • Mixing Bowl – one the main part of every mixer that comes in a variety of sizes. 5Qt-100Qt
    • Dough Hook – is a spiral shaped hood which is normally used in a spiral mixer for making pizza dough or bread dough.
    • Flat Beater – shaped like a paddle and ideal for mixing various batters for cakes, brownies and mashing potatoes and/or other vegetables and ground meat.
    • Wire Whip – powerful whip made of wire strands that are used for whipping up creams, frostings, and marinade.
    • Pastry Knife – is a thin dough hook and perfect for pie and pastry dough.
    • Bowl Scraper – scrapes down the sides of the bowl while the agitator turns. It will save time for cleaning the bowl manually and prevent waste.
    • Meat Grinder – is used for the purpose of grinding meat and vegetables.
    • Grater / Slicer – perfect for shredding cheese and slicing vegetables.
    • Mixer Table – Good support for countertop and bench mixers.

    Mixer Chart


    10Qt 20Qt 30Qt 40Qt 60Qt


    Bread Dough


    5lb 18lb 45lb 45lb 75lb




    10lb 20lb 30lb 40lb 60lb


    Cup Cake


    12lb 20lb 30lb 45lb 60lb


    Egg White


    0.5qt 0.75qt 1.5qt 1.75qt 2qt


    Mash Potato


    5lb 12lb 23lb 30lb 40lb




    3qt 6qt 12qt 13qt 18qt


    Pasta Dough


    4lb 7lb 8lb 15lb 30lb


    Pie Dough


    5lb 13lb 27lb 35lb 60lb


    Pizza Dough


    3lb 10lb 20lb 32lb 60lb


    Common Commercial Mixer

    Doyon AEF025SP 50 Qt Spiral Mixer


    • Simple to use digital control.
    • 9 programmable speed and time settings.
    • 2 speeds for higher efficiency.
    • Digital display of mixing time.
    • Unique stainless steel bowl with high center that eliminates dough feeder post.
    • Prevents dough overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development.
    • Spiral hook designed for maximum efficiency.
    • ]>2 powerful independent heavy duty motors, one for the bowl and one for the hook (except AEF015SP & AEF025SP).
    • Drain for bowl cleaning.
    • See through safety bowl.
    • Safety guard, bowl and mixing tool are stainless steel.
    • Even the smallest batches can be made in our large spiral mixer (see chart on the back).
    • Non-slipping belt, provides durability for tough mixes.
    • Heavy duty frame with lead-free enamel coating for easy cleaning.
    • Mounted on casters for greater mobility.
    • Quick locking device to secure mixer in place when mixing.
    • Motor overload protection.

    Eurodib M30-ETL 30 Qt Gear Driven Planetary Mixer


    • All mixers come with stainless steel bowl, hook, whip and beater.
    • All the spare parts : bowl, hook, whip, beater are made of premium stainless steel.
    • Heavy duty and abrasion resistant transmission design.
    • Stainless steel tools, painted cast iron base.
    • Hard wire / 3 phase, volts : 208-240
    • Amperage: 5, watts: 1500HP: 2.
    • Bowl Depth: 15.5” Bowl Diameter: 17.5”.

    Globe SP40 40 Qt Gear Driven Planetary Mixer


    • Powerful 1HP custom built motor.
    • Three fixed speeds.
    • Gear-driven, high torque transmission.
    • Heat-treated hardened steel alloy gears and shafts.
    • Permanently lubricated transmission.
    • Thermal overload protection.
    • Front-mounted digital controls with 60 minute timer and last batch recall.
    • Rigid cast iron body.
    • NSF approved enamel gray paint.
    • Industry standard #12 attachment hub.
    • Safety interlocked bowl guard and bowl lift.
    • Non-slip rubber feet.
    • 6 foot cord and ground plug.
    • High-quality stainless steel removable bowl guard with built-in ingredient chute.
    • Interlocking guard is easy to attach and remove for cleaning.
    • Dish machine safe.

    Vollrath 40757 20 Qt Gear Driven Planetary Mixer


    • Safety cut-switch temporarily interrupts power if gears are changed without stopping the mixer.
    • 30 minute timer stops the mixer when timer ends.
    • 60 quart model includes bowl truck for convenient bowl transport.
    • Meat grinder, vegetable slicer, reducer kits, and other accessories available.
    • Number 12 hub accommodates Vollrath brand meat grinder and vegetable slicer attachments for flexibility between grinding, slicing, and mixing. For best results, Vollrath attachments are recommended.
    • Comes standard with: dough hook, wire whisk, flat beater, stainless steel mixing bowl, and safety guard.
    • 6 ft. (1.8 m) cord with plug.