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    31 Jul, 2016

    Buying Guide | Commercial Convection Oven

    Commercial Convection Oven is one of the most efficient restaurant equipment that is suitable for all food service industry including bakery, coffee shop and catering facilities. These ovens have a fan that actively circulates hot air around food in the oven cavity to create a uniform and consistent temperature. This design means far quicker cooking times than in standard radiant ovens.

    Convection Ovens come either single or double; Gas Convection Oven or Electric Convection Oven to best suit your kitchen needs.

    Types of Convection Oven

    Countertop Convection Oven

    Countertop Convection Ovens are often used for small bakery, coffee shop and concession facilities. They come in different sizes of quarter, half-size and full-size countertop convection ovens and capacities of 2 to 4 trays with or without humidity options. They’re easy to install, and can hold anything from small sheet pans to full-size sheet pans. 


    Electric Convection Oven

    Electric Convection Ovens are available in both halfsize, and full-size models. Electric convection ovens can be made in single or 3 phases with different electric configuration suiting your electrical requirement. These ovens have a fan that actively circulates hot air around food in the oven cavity to create a uniform and consistent temperature. The majority of our convection ovens are electric which generally reduces the initial capital outlay and simplifies installation tremendously.

    • Standard depth baking compartment – accepts five 18” x 26” standard full-size baking pans in left-to-right positions.
    • Bakery depth baking compartment- accepts five 18” x 26” standard full-size baking pans in left-to-right or front-to-back positions.


    Gas Convection Oven

    Gas Convection Ovens are available in both halfsize, and full-size models. In terms of utilities, gas models will still need supply of electric to service the fan, though that requirement is not uncommon with many commercial gas appliances and most modern kitchens are provisioned accordingly. Installation of a gas convection oven may also require some clearance around it.

    • Standard depth baking compartment – accepts five 18” x 26” standard full-size baking pans in left-to-right positions.
    • Bakery depth baking compartment- accepts five 18” x 26” standard full-size baking pans in left-to-right or front-to-back positions.


    Convection Oven Advantages

    • Bakery: Bakers and pastry chefs accomplish faster bake times for pastries and bread with reduction of up to 25% of baking time and increase temperature of 30% while improving the quality of the baking products.
    • Catering: Caterers utilize the commercial convection oven’s ability to turn out large amounts of baked or roasted food in short periods of time.
    • Restaurants: You can cook everything in a convection oven that you can cook in a standard oven; mainly, cooked products in a convection oven are tastier, crispier and juicier. Also you may always re-thermalize refrigerated products or keep your food products warm until plating.
    • Available in a variety of sizes, commercial convection ovens can fit in spaces large and small to meet your commercial kitchen requirements.
    • Some models offer “cook and hold” functionality, which lets you set the thermostat lower than in a traditional oven, for slow cooking of roasts.

    Purchasing Convection Ovens Tips

    • Choose the right convection oven base on your menu and cooking concept. Roasting, baking, cook and hold and rethermalizing require a right choice of convection ovens.
    • Base on the choice of convection oven you need to keep in mind that even if you choose a gas model, you’ll still need an electrical connection to run the fan. All gas models generally require 1″ or more of clearance around all sides of the pans for proper airflow in the cooking chamber.
    • Do you require a proper ventilation and fire suppression? It’s always a good idea to check your local codes and also carefully review the installation requirements of the models you are interested in purchasing.

    Common Commercial Convection Oven


    American Range

    • All stainless steel front, sides and top.
    • 50/50 double door, swings open 180°.
    • Stainless steel, air-tight, door gaskets.
    • 75,000 BTU/hr. total heat output per oven on standard depth models.
    • 90,000 BTU/hr. total heat output per oven on bakery depth models.
    • 2 KW 208/240 Volt oven for both the standard (MSDE) and the bakery depth (ME) units.
    • 3/4” gas connection.
    • 1/2 horsepower / two speed convection fan motor for high production and baking.
    • Cavity width will accommodate full size sheet pan side to side on standard depth models, also front to back bakery depth models.
    • 5 chrome racks with 12 position chrome rack guides.
    • Pull-out control panel for easy access to control system.



    • Exterior Construction -„ Full angle iron frame.
    • Stainless steel front, top, sides and legs.
    • 25” (635mm) stainless steel legs for single ovens.
    • 6” (152mm) stainless steel legs for double stacked ovens.
    • Dependent stainless steel doors, dual pane thermal glass window.
    • Chrome-plated door handle.
    • Triple-mounted door hinge pins.
    • Removable front control panel. „
    • Solid mineral fiber insulation on back, fiber glass insulation on top, sides and bottom.
    • Interior Construction -„ Double-sided porcelainize baking compartment liner (14 gauge).
    • Aluminized blower wheel.
    • Five chrome-plated racks, eleven rack positions with a minimum of 1-5/8” (41mm) spacing.
    • Interior lights.
    • Operation -„ Three tubular heaters.
    • Thermostat with temperature control range of 200°F (93°C) to 500°F (260°C).
    • Two speed fan „ 1/2 horsepower blower motor with automatic thermal overload protection.
    • Control area cooling fan.
    • Standard Features -„ SSM – Solid state manual control with separate dials to control thermostat and timer.
    • 25” (635mm) adjustable stainless steel legs (for single units).
    • 6” (152mm) adjustable stainless steel legs (for double sections).



    • Energy star compliant.
    • 7.5 kW high efficiency heating elements.
    • Available standard depth.
    • Single deck convection oven is 55” in height(with optional casters).
    • Patented “plug-in, plug-out” control panel – easy to service.
    • Slide out control panel for full view servicing.
    • Stainless Steel front, top and sides.
    • Dependent glass doors (Full 180° opening).
    • Energy saving high efficiency glass windows.
    • Heat keeping dual door seal system.
    • Coved, fastener-free, porcelain interior.
    • Stay cool heavy duty door handle.
    • Soft Air, two speed, 1/2 hp, fan motor.
    • 11-position rack guides and 5 plated oven racks.
    • Solid state temperature controls.
    • Forced cool down fan mode.
    • Oven “heat” light cycles with burners.
    • Interior oven lights.



    • Accommodates full size sheet pans side to side.
    • Two 35,000 BTU/hr burners.
    • 3 heating elements for a total of 9 KW power.
    • Energy star certification.
    • Electric thermostat adjustable from 150º to 500º F.
    • Two speed motor.
    • Air deflectors strategically placed around the blower for efficient air circulation.
    • Cool touch controls set back for protection.
    • Electronic ignition with 100% safety.
    • Glass window in the right hand door.
    • Two interior lights.
    • Oven interior is porcelain coated for easy cleaning.
    • Doors feature 3 brass bushings per door hinge for perfect door alignment.
    • Oven doors swing open 135º for easier access for loading and removing pans.
    • 5 chrome plated racks standard with 11 positions.
    • All S/S front , sides and top construction.
    • Unique stackable design requiring no additional flue extensions.
    • Oven interior useable space: 29” W x 22½” D x 24” H.

    Convection Ovens