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    Rational iCombi Pro ICP-20-HALF LM100FG 20 Pan Half Size Natural Gas Combi Oven

    $ 40,500.00/ Each

    SKU: LM100FG-N

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    Total Weekly Rent (inc taxes)  $523.38
    Total Rent for 12 Months  $27216
    Year 1 Purchase Price $30780
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    Monthly Payment for 24 Months $1879.2 Plus Sales Tax
    Monthly Payment for 36 Months $1405.35 Plus Sales Tax
    Monthly Payment for 48 Months $1113.75 Plus Sales Tax
    Monthly Payment for 60 Months $947.7 Plus Sales Tax
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    You have a goal, pursue it without compromise with the cooking intelligence of the iCombi Pro. Forget space-consuming cooking appliances and let the iCombi Pro do the work. On less than approx. 1 m2. Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and baked goods. À la carte, catering, delivery service and casual dining. High levels of productivity, due to the co-operation of the intelligent assistants.

    Product Description

    • Intelligent climate management that measures, adjusts and controls the humidity down to the exact percentage.
    • The actual measured humidity in the cooking cabinet can be adjusted and viewed.
    • Dynamic air turbulence in the cooking cabinet thanks to two intelligent, reversible, high-performance fan wheels with five fan wheel speeds, intelligently actuated and manually programmable.
    • Intelligent cooking path regulation and automatic adjustment of cooking steps in order to achieve the target results, e.g., browning and degree of doneness, safely and efficiently – regardless of product size, load quantity, or who is using the unit.
    • Monitoring accurate to the second and calculation of browning on the basis of the Maillard reaction to reproduce ideal cooking results.
    • Adjust intelligent cooking methods or switch between iCookingSuite and iProductionManager for maximum flexibility.
    • Intelligent cooking step to proof baked goods.
    •  Individual, intuitive programming of up to 1,200 cooking programs with up to 12 steps using drag-and-drop.
    • Easy transfer of cooking programs to other cooking systems through secure cloud connection with ConnectedCooking or via USB stick.
    • iProductionManager, the automated, intelligent planning and controlling tool, organizes multiple cooking processes and mixed loads perfectly.
    • Automatic closing of planning gaps. Automatically optimize schedules and energy consumption in planning and target time preparation to start or end cooking dishes at the same time.
    • Visual indication of loading and removal requests using energy-saving LED lighting.
    • Automatically resumes and optimally completes cooking processes following power outages lasting less than 15 minutes.
    • Intelligent cleaning system suggests cleaning programs and the required amount of care products based on the degree of soiling within the cooking system.
    • Display of the current cleaning and descaling status.
    • Condensation/exhaust air hoods (accessories) with situational adjustment of the extraction performance and transfer of service messages.


    Rational-LM100FG-N Specs
    Width 34.50 Inches
    Depth 35.65 Inches
    Height 73.60 Inches
    Weight 626 Lbs
    Number of Decks 1
    Number of Doors 1
    Number of Racks 20
    Voltage 208 Volts
    Amperage 15 Amps
    Gas Inlet Size 3/4 Inches
    Total BTU 148,500 BTU/Hr
    Power Type Natural Gas
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