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    Hardt Blaze 40 Bird Commercial Natural Gas Chicken Rotisserie Oven

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      SKU: BLAZE-N

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      Hardt Rotisserie Ovens commits to providing its chain customers with the most reliable, high-value solutions, reinforced by the highest levels of response and support in our industry. Hardt rotisseries are designed to help the customers increase sales and productivity, and to lower overall costs.

      Product Description

      • Energy Efficient – Consumes up to 50% less energy than comparable gas rotisseries without compromising the quality of the product.
      • Minimal Maintenance Cost – Features such as a single burner design, maintenance free secondary air, and single rotation drive reduce maintenance costs and labor.
      • Water Resistant Shell Design – Allows interior and exterior to be sprayed down for cleaning, saving time and labor.
      • Effective Impulse Sales Generator – Dancing flames and roasting product visible through the large glass door helps to attract customers.
      • User-Friendly Design – Simple manual controls with large digital temperature display and convenient temperature hold mode.
      • Safe Operation – The Blaze is designed with a dual-pane cool door. Burner and drive automatically shut off when rotisserie door is opened, ensuring operator safety.
      • High Quality Cook – Patented black-body technology generates a combination of radiant and convection heat to ensure even cooking and uniform browning of product with high quality results. The built-in water pan also provides moisture while cooking, ensuring a succulent and tender product.


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