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    Cupcake Store Trends

    16 Mar, 2022

    Cupcake Store Design Trends

    “You eat with your eyes first” never sounds truer than when you step into a colorful dessert shop. When colors, textures and details suggests as many flavors, half the work of convincing customers to linger, buy and come back is done. If the store sells cupcakes, the most versatile dessert out there when it comes to decorating, the designer’s work is a lot of fun. Here are a few of our favorite cupcake store designs that celebrate this dainty dessert through unique concepts and decorative elements.

    1. The Sweeterie

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Designer: Frederick Woods Design

    Pink and yellow colors, along with touches of warm hues, come together into a space that evokes delicate fruity flavors and the beauty of cupcakes. The contrast between the pastel-colored stripes and the circular elements makes The Sweeterie’s interior stand out and emphasizes every design detail. Layering them works well for a shop whose products’ appeal lies in their own layers of beauty. The design incorporates in a clever way structural elements like soffits and half walls, and makes them work together.


    2. The Tree Project

    Shanghai, China
    Designer: Lukstudio
    Photos: LOTAN Architectural Photography / Peter Dixie / Christina Luk via

    Using the tree as a motif, the creators of this unique shop interior accomplished more than just an eye-catching design. The tree trunk, made of a conglomeration of wooden cylinders, masks the central column and turns it from an eyesore into a plus. The “foliage” of the tree, expanding in waves all across the ceiling is a throwback to the folds and swirls of cupcake icing. Small peepholes in the wood of the trunk remind one of the traces left behind by woodpeckers and are great fun for curious children. The same wooden cylinders serve as display pedestals for the shop’s desserts.

    The ingenious way in which all these elements are combined makes for a great visual treat that adds to the pleasure of having your dessert in the tree shade.

    3. Sugaholic

    Dubai, UAE
    Photos: Imran Khan via

    When it comes to cupcake store designs, pastel colors seem to be the absolute winner. The Sugaholic Cup Cakes shop in Dubai combines soft colors reminiscent of sweet flavors with a playful design that mixes details belonging to different styles. Greek columns, decorative wall moldings, a porch swing as a sitting option, traditional pedestal tables, upholstered chairs, outdoor chairs, recessed lights and candle-style chandeliers, all come together under the common denominator of a well-chosen color scheme.