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    Faucets & Plumbing

    Choose from faucets of different sizes, styles, and types to find a model that is compatible with your sink. Wall-mount models are installed on the wall or backsplash and are available with differing faucet lengths and with or without a pre-rinse attachment. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Faucets & Plumbing including dipper wells, pre rinse assemblies, deck mount faucets and wall mount faucets.

    Faucets Plaumbing Vancouver Canada

    Dipper Wells

    Maintain clean scoops throughout your work day by utilizing a dipper well. These units attach to your serving cabinets providing fresh rinse water and prevent cross-contamination of flavors.

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    Faucets Plaumbing Vancouver Canada

    Pre Rinse Assemblies

    If you are tired of running your dishes through the wash, and still finding food particles left behind, perhaps it is time you added a pre-rinse faucet in your kitchen. With a spring action, flexible gooseneck, you can position your pre-rinse faucet wherever you need it, while still being able to remove extra debris from plates prior to loading into your dishwasher.

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