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    Heat Lamps

    By placing warming lamps over your prepared food or carving station, your cooked items will remain hot and tasty for your customers. There are a number of styles and sizes to accommodate your needs. Shop our Restaurant Supply Online Store and choose from variety of Commercial Heat Lamps including countertop heat lamps and heat strips.

    Heat Lamps Vancouver Canada

    Countertop Heat Lamps

    Keep pre-made meal orders, sides, and other foods warm until an order is placed by storing them under a food heat lamp. Ideal for use in buffet-style serving lines and fast food restaurants, these lamps will allow you to prepare food before a rush without the food losing its ideal serving temperature.

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    Heat Lamps Vancouver Canada

    Heat Strips

    Mounted on an overshelf, these single strip food warmers are perfect for your cafeteria, restaurant, or banquet hall. These lighted heat strips have one row of infrared heating elements that are set inside a metal housing to keep prepared foods hot and ready to serve. Lengths vary from 24”, and additionally, each product is lighted to illuminate and better merchandise the food that’s being warmed.

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