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Zumex SPEED-PRO Self Service 40 Orange / Min Production Citrus Juicer

$ 10,760.00


The most capable series that provides efficient, safe, and an impeccable end product; designed to satisfy large juice demands.


Rent Try Buy: $139.05 / week

Lease: $499.26 / month



  • Speed Pro Basic – Model indicated for restaurants with a high juice demand due to its capacity and easy cleaning. Ideal for your convenience.
  • It allows you to program the desired number of fruits to be squeezed.
  • It includes an orange counter.
  • Speed Pro Self Service – It is characterised by its autonomy and adaptability to restaurants, self-services and hotel buffets. It revolutionizes the self-service world.
  • With its self-service tap, the squeezing system is activated automatically.

Additional information

Weight 160 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 26 × 41 in


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Lease Calculator
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  • Monthly Payment for 24 Months$499.26Plus Sales Tax
  • Monthly Payment for 36 Months$373.37Plus Sales Tax
  • Monthly Payment for 48 Months$295.9Plus Sales Tax
  • Monthly Payment for 60 Months$251.78Plus Sales Tax
Rental Calculator
  • Total Weekly Rent (inc taxes) $139.05
  • Total Rent for 12 Months $7230.72
  • Year 1 Purchase Price $8177.6

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