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Carter Hoffmann CH800 8 Pan Cook & Hold Oven

Carter Hoffmann CH800 8 Pan Cook & Hold Oven

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New expanded line of cook & holds! Now more models, including two-compartment and under-counter sizes! And now you can cook to time or temperature. Meat probe included.

Rent Try Buy: $76.57 / week

Lease: $274.92 / month



  • Construction – Completely welded cabinet construction with outer cabinet welded to base. All seams turned in to eliminate raw edges. Gray vinyl bumper set in channel on each side of cabinet.
  • Cabinet Material – All stainless steel double-wall, insulated construction.
  • Base Frame – Stainless steel full depth caster bolsters with stainless steel perimeter supports welded to bolsters.
  • Caster – Casters with rubber tread. Double ball bearing swivel. Zerk grease fittings. Plate mounted and bolted to base. Two casters fitted with brakes. CH1600: 5” dia., CH800: 3” dia.
  • Insulation – 2” thick high density continuous wrap-around fiberglass insulation.
  • Door – Welded double panel stainless steel door; turned-in seam pocket construction. Filled with 2” thick high density fiberglass insulation. Field reversible. One door for each cavity on CH1600.
  • Hinges – Adjustable self-closing, edge-mount hinges with chrome plate finish.
  • Gasket – High temperature silicone gasket mounted to cabinet.
  • Latch – Heavy-duty edge-mount latch with magnetic catch.
  • Tray Rack Assemblies – Removable stainless steel tray racks with solid stainless steel angle slides. Slides welded to assemblies and spaced on 2.75” centers.
  • Thermometer – Digital thermometer with remote sensing bulb for cabinet operating temperature. Digital temperature displays in temperature window of current mode (cook or hold) by pushing “view actual temp” key.
  • Controls – User-friendly digital controls with digital readout displays for settings. Includes meat probe. Cook to time or product temperature. Master on/off switch with “start/cancel” button for cook cycles. Touchpad to view actual temperature. Separate controls & displays for cook temperature and hold temperature. Eighteen hour digital timer display shows cook temperature in count down mode during cook cycle. During hold cycle, automatically switches to count up. CH1600 features dual cavity with dual controls.
  • Heating System – Top mounted blower heater for even heat distribution. High impedence protected, internally cooled fan motor. Full range thermostat and on/off switch with power indicating light and “start/cancel” button.
  • Heat Duct System – Side-mounted precision engineered interior heat duct system to provide gentle heat circulation throughout cabinet to caramelize roasts for less food shrinkage and more attractive appearance.
  • Electrical Characteristics –  All models are 60Hz, single phase.
  • Performance – Capable of slow cooking to a maximum temperature of 325 O F (161 O C). Capable of holding at a range of 100 O F (38 O C) to 200 O F (93 O C). Preheat to 160 O F (71 O C) in approximately 25 minutes. Temperature variance less than 5 O F(3 O C), top to bottom.

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Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 40 in


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