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Order Processing

Processing Time/Availability

We electronically receive your online order. Upon receipt, we transmit your order information and request fulfillment from the appropriate warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturer, depending upon the product(s) ordered. Products are packaged for shipping as soon as possible. However, depending upon product availability, some orders can take up to four weeks to deliver. If you are in urgent need of an item, or there is a ‘must have by’ date, please contact Vortex Restaurant Equipment prior to ordering to determine if your deadline can be met.

Canceling/Modifying an Order

If you need to cancel or modify an order, you must let Vortex Restaurant Equipment know immediately. Any attempt to cancel or modify an order one or more business days after placing that order may not be possible. If we cannot cancel an order, because it has already been processed, please see our Returns Policy.

Changing Your Shipping Address

Please contact Vortex Restaurant Equipment immediately if you need to ship your order to a different address than you indicated at checkout. Once an order ships, there are fees associated with changing the shipping address which would need to be collected before the change can take effect. The cost of changing the shipping address will depend on the shipping method and number of shipments. If an order has already left our warehouse before the shipping address change is made, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive at the new location. If a carrier tries to deliver a shipment and is unsuccessful due to an incorrect address provided by you, your order will be returned to us and treated as a return and will be treated under our Returns Policy as such.