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Exhaust Systems

We know the importance of a good canopy and exhaust system for your cooking applications. We supply a large variety of restaurant exhaust hoods for all types of commercial kitchens. We have you covered for your entire canopy and exhaust system needs, making sure that all your ventilation requirements are met.

For up-to-code ventilation, choose from a exhaust fansexhaust hoods and ventless exhaust.

Exhaust Fans Vancouver Canada

Exhaust Fans

Ventilator products for commercial and industrial applications offer a wide range of exhaust fans and ventilator products to meet your application needs. Products include centrifugal models, inline fans, axial fans, and utility set blowers.

Exhaust Hoods Vancouver Canada

Exhaust Hoods

A restaurant exhaust hood will reduce ambient temperatures, decrease the chance of steam burn. Such hoods keep the heat and moisture that comes from very hot water out of your kitchen thus maintaining a cooler working environment.

Ventless Exhaust Vancouver Canada

Ventless Exhaust

Ventless Exhaust cooking gives you the option to setup a shop in almost any location. The ventless hood systems are entirely self-contained and ideal for any application where the installation of hood is either not practical or cost prohibited.