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Privacy Policy

Vortex Restaurant Equipment recognizes that your privacy is very important to you and the protection of your personal information and credit card data is of the utmost importance. We know that providing your personal information to us is an act of trust, and we take that very seriously.

Be assured, Vortex Restaurant Equipment will not collect or monitor any personal information without your consent. The personal information collected is only to fulfill your order(s), or supply you with requested information.

Vortex Restaurant Equipment uses ‘cookies’ to make your online shopping experience efficient and effective. The ‘cookies’ do not contain any personal information, are never shared, and are not accessible by employees. The code stored in the ‘cookies’ is used to help you find what you need, and to assist our website in making product recommendations based on your browsing. ‘Cookies’ also customizes our website to recognize you any time you return to Vortex Restaurant Equipment in the future thereby improving your online shopping experience.

From time to time Vortex Restaurant Equipment may send you relevant information via email regarding sales, products, and services. If you are receiving promotional information from Vortex Restaurant Equipment and do not wish to receive this information, please feel free to use the ‘unsubscribe option’ attached to the email.

Security Policy

The protection of your personal information and credit card data is of the utmost importance. Vortex Restaurant Equipment utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to create a secure connection. With an SSL Certificate on our web server, any information sent to our web server is encrypted, making it impossible to intercept or steal.

The personal information that you provide in order to make a purchase is stored in an electronic format to which only a limited number of individuals can access. At Vortex the only personnel who can view your information are those who process and ship your Order. Our sales team members do not have access to your credit card information. When you enter your credit card information during online checkout, it is immediately encrypted electronically and can only be decrypted or read by an authorized computer such as those at your credit or banking institution.

Purchasing online with Vortex Restaurant Equipment is safe and secure. Guaranteed.