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    26 Apr, 2024

    How To Craft Seasonal Cocktail Menu

    Seasonal cocktail lists bring more than just fresh flavors to the bar — they also capture the attention of prospective guests and excite your regulars, keeping the revenue flowing for your bar. Here are some […]

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    22 Apr, 2024

    How to Be More Energy Efficient

    Between patio season, delivery apps and regular service, it’s a busy time for restaurants. Since food service is such an energy-intensive industry, using efficient equipment is a good way to boost your bottom line and […]

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    02 Apr, 2024

    How to Make a Mocktail

    Nonalcoholic drinks (a.k.a. mocktails) are one of the biggest current trends in the restaurant industry. These fun, delicious beverages enable customers to enjoy special drink experiences, even if they’re trying to reduce their alcohol consumption. […]

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    20 Oct, 2023

    How to Start a Flower Shop

    Starting your own local floral shop is an excellent way to combine your love of flowers with your love of community, especially if you have a flair for design and aesthetics. While floral design can be […]

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    How to Start a Catering Business

    14 Jul, 2023

    How to Start a Catering Business

    How to Start a Catering Business (12 Steps) 1. Find your specialty When your catering business fits in a specific niche, for face less competition from the big, one-size-fits-all caterers on the block. And it […]

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