Vancouver Restaurant Equipment and Supply

Westcoast Poke Restaurant Vancouver
March 12, 2018

Westcoast Poké was opened to fill the void of nutrient dense and customizable fast casual dining options in Vancouver. Whether at work or exploring the vast natural playgrounds of British Columbia – Westcoast Poke lives raw and find itself in the constant struggle of balancing an on-the-go lifestyle with the need to nourish our body. The goal is to provide you with the fuel to keep you going.

Chickpea Restaurant Vancouver
February 5, 2018

Food has always played a major role in Rotem Tal & Itamar Shani’s lives. Originally from Israel, both of them experienced the fresh, spicy, homemade flavours of the Mediterranean first hand. There’s a reason Chickpea’s menu title is The Chickpea Experience. Coming to see the truck is an experience within itself, by selling delicious plant based comfort food with a Mediterranean twist. Also, most of the ingredients are organic and all of the dishes can be made gluten-free/vegan.

Suika Snack Bar Restaurant Vancouver Canada
January 1, 2018

Urban atmosphere for tapas style Japanese fusion food and drinks from the bar. Suika Snack bar is Japanese Izakaya restaurant located in the South Granville area with splashy decor & a sake-bottle chandelier, serving creative, intricate plates.

Mr Red Cafe Vancouver Canada
December 3, 2017

Each and every country’s cuisine is the love and pride of the local people. Born in a family with three generations of culinary tradition, inheriting various family recipes filled with passion and earnestness, Mr. Red Cafe – has a simple wish of becoming a boat carrying the cultural values of Vietnam in general, and the Northern Vietnam in particular, across the ocean to you by connecting Vietnamese cuisine to the world and bringing the world to closer to Vietnam. With the love and effort shown in each dish on menu, all dishes, filled with the hometown flavour of the Northern Vietnamese, would bring the feeling of familiarity as well as an exciting exploration about the delicacy of Vietnamese cuisine.

Pizzeria Ludica Vancouver Canada
October 29, 2017

The full name was originally envisioned to be Ludica Pizzeria & Game Room. Ludica/ludico is a really obscure Italian adjective derived from Latin. Equivalents are found in other Romance language. It means “of, or related to, games”. So a “pizzeria ludica” could literally describe a pizzeria of games, which happens to describe us perfectly. here at Ludica Pizzeria, Thin-crust pizza baked in our stone oven. With more than 800 board and card games free to play with a meal, We can even teach you a new one.