Restaurant Equipment & Supply

The Type of Restaurant Equipment We Sell at Vortex
May 14, 2018

When opening a restaurant or food business, such as a catering company, you can find yourself being spread very thin by having to deal with so many different suppliers. While it is natural that you are not going to get your fish from the same supplier as your coffee beans, when it comes to restaurant equipment you should not need to go to more than one place.

At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, we make it our aim to provide our customers with an easy experience when it comes to procuring their restaurant equipment. To do this, we supply everything that you need for a successful commercial kitchen.

Cooking Equipment and Ovens

It is not possible to run a commercial food business with a regular oven that you would have in a residential kitchen. These are simply not powerful enough to produce the amount and type of food that is expected of a commercial business. Our restaurant equipment for cooking, and our ovens at Vortex are able to handle all levels of food production, from professional bakeries to huge catered banquets. We have restaurant equipment in the form of convection ovens, broilers, and multi-burner stove tops. We are sure you will find what you are looking for when it comes to cooking equipment for restaurants and food businesses at Vortex Restaurant Equipment.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Something that is an absolutely essential piece of restaurant equipment for your kitchen is a commercial refrigerator and freezer. If you do not have the appropriate temperature storage facilities for your food, you are putting your customers’ health and safety at risk, as food may become contaminated. At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, we have lots of commercial-sized refrigerators and freezers available to our customers. They come from top brands and have plenty of space to store food and separate it as needed, keeping it at the perfect temperature for safety regulations and to prepare delicious meals for your customers.

Exhaust Systems

When putting your restaurant kitchen together, it is easy to forget about the exhaust system. However, this type of restaurant equipment is essential for maintaining a clean and safe kitchen. Restaurant equipment exhaust systems will filter out the smoke and condensation that comes with cooking for a restaurant full of customers. Not only will this make the air safe to breathe, it will also get rid of distracting smells and is cleaner for the environment. At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, we have some of the top exhaust systems around to supply for your restaurant.

Our Top Brands for Restaurant Equipment
May 7, 2018

When you run a restaurant, it is important that you only have the best. This means the best ingredients, the best chefs, and the best restaurant equipment in your kitchens. Not only will this make it easier to comply with restaurant rules and regulations in your vicinity, but you will also be producing quality plates that will keep customers returning and your business running successfully.

At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, we only deal with the best brands. We want our customers to rest assured that when they purchase from us, they will be purchasing a quality product that won’t let them down. We’d like to take some time to introduce you to some of the top producers of restaurant equipment that we supply here at Vortex.


Alto-Shaam is a US brand that is known to supply some of the top companies in the world with restaurant equipment. They are particularly known for their ovens, which many master bakers use, and their large ovens and carts that are popular with top catering firms. At Vortex Restaurant Equipment we stock a variety of Alto-Shaam products, including full-sized combi ovens and heated banquet carts.


Vitamix is one of those brand names that even those who don’t work in the industry know. Praised for their ridiculously strong and capable home blenders, Vitamix ups their game again when it comes to restaurant equipment. At Vortex Restaurant Equipment we have some top commercial Vitamix products, such as their unbelievable 4.2 HP food prep blender and beverage blenders with sound enclosures, which are perfect for restaurants that have open kitchens.


At Vortex Restaurant Equipment, our customers adore the CMA sinks and dishwashers that we supply. The Dish machines from CMA reliably provide restaurants with unbeatably clean dishes and glassware and are low energy compared to many competitors’ products, which is something that top food-based businesses look out for from their restaurant equipment.

These are just a sample of the brands that we carry to supply our customers with the best restaurant equipment. We only sell tried and tested models, so you can be sure that anything you purchase from us at Vortex Restaurant Equipment will be coming from a top brand. To see more of our products or the well-reviewed brands that we work with, browse our website or get in touch with us – see if we have what you are looking for.

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